Enbrighten Z-Wave Fan Control switch periodically goes offiline


I’m having an issue with my Enbrighten Z-Wave Fan Control switch. I like it, but the device seems to go offline in smartthings periodically, sometimes within a few hours, other times after a week. Its annoying as it won’t even work physically. The ‘fix’ is to cut/restore power (pull the tab in the bottom left and pop it back in).

Before I go trying to get support from the manufacturer, I saw similar posts in the past from others with GE/Jasco/Enbrighten Z-Wave products and a potential fix was turning off ‘Device Health’, however I guess this was only in the classic app which I cannot seem to locate, and I cannot locate this in the new app or the web console.

Any help is appreciated!

If it won’t work physically and an airgap reset solves it, there’s very little chance SmartThings has anything to do with the issue. Call Jasco support and get that thing replaced.


Thanks, I figured as much but, also felt maybe in the off-chance it could it’d be easier to ask here than jump through the hoops with Jasco, but I called them up today and was on an off in less than 10 minutes with a replacement on the way. I’m surprised how painless that was. Lol!

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