Enbrighten outdoor smart switch (plug) not connecting

Hey all,
After reading the forums here I bought an Enbrighten outdoor smart switch (plug). Unfortunately I have been unable to connect the device to my v2 hub. After scanning the QR code it get stuck on ‘preparing’ - see screenshot attached. I tried adding it by Brand instead of QR but it cannot even find that option in Canada under enbrighten.

Anyone have a solution??

Try force closing the app on your phone and then try adding the outlet again.

I’ve found the app to be very flaky when adding new devices in recent versions.

I tried closing the app. rebooting the hub and multiple versions of restarting the plug, no luck yet

bring the plug close to the hub (in case you are tyring to add it outdoors) and tap on scan nearby and see if you can add it

scan nearby didn’t work but setting up by device type seemed to do the trick

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