Electric Baseboard thermostat control via ST

These are the exact steps I took. At step 12 I entered “a1a2” and I then changed it to “1” to test. At step 19 I entered 1.

Actually, now that I think about it, I might have entered my username and pass in the IDE and not the phone app (my bad).

Anyway to test this I decided to deleted my device (from step 9 down) and now I am getting data. WOO HOO!! Thank you very much!!

This is going to be a very nice addition to my home automation plans. As soon as I get some more testing done I will be sending a donation your way!!

Thanks again @Mdbashi

Hi @Rigg,

For a reason that I don’t know yet, the font in the tiles may vary.
That seems to be your case, the font in the Heat Setpoint tile is so big that the setpoint value is hidden.
You may try the following:
a. force close the SmartThings app and reopen it.
b. try to unpair the thermostat and include it again.

You should be able to see the following.
I also noticed that the Android version of the ST mobile app does work a little better.

Amazing! Thank you @Mdbashi.
Just set up my first of 8 thermostats, and it works.

Next question: Is there any way in ST to group thermostats, so we can modify the set points of multiple thermostats with one click?

Thanks for the reply and suggestions. Unfortunately, neither fixed the issue.

Could the text in the circle be changed to “Set Point” or something shorter, just to prevent this glitch until you can figure out what is causing the fonts to change size?

Also- any suggestions on how I could use a smart app to toggle between comfort and eco modes? That seems preferable to using rules to change the set point. Most smart apps don’t recognize these modes.

Example: if no motion in this room for X minutes (or no presence in the house), toggle the thermostat to eco mode. When presence is noted in the room (or I set , thermostat returns to comfort mode.

Yes, I guess the text could be changed to something shorter.

So far, I did not find any existing SmartApp to change the mode as you requested.
Like you said, these modes are not recognized by the existing apps.

I am considering to create a Stelpro custom SmartApp to change the modes, but I have no timeframe to share right now.

Thanks- happy to test for you, when you get to that point.

Programming wise Yes you can.

Happy to announce that based on this thread I FINALLY have baseboard heating using the Stelpro units. Got it hooked up last night and woke this morning to a warm room as programmed via Rule Machine. Nice little hidden functionality…enter your zipcode within the app and you can get the outside temperature (probably from a weather station reading).

Either way, nice one!



I just installed my new Stelpro ZWave thermostat. It’s working really great but I had the same concern as you about the eco mode. Since the values “comfort” and “eco” are not available as values using the command “setthermostatMode”, I had to create a custom command within Rule Machine. In fact, I created 2… The first one send the command “setThermostatMode” -> string “eco” and the other one send the command “setThermostatMode” -> “comfort”. Within the custom commands menu, you can test those and I can confirm that’s working!

After creating those custom commands, I created a rule within Rule Machine. When my home mode goes to “Away”, I send the custom command “Eco” to the thermostat… and when the mode change back to “Home”, it sends “comfort” to the thermostat.

Since the product is really new, it’s normal that we have to do some custom work to get what we want…

For now, I’m really happy with the Stelpro product, I’ll continue the testing and add few more in the upcoming weeks.

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I tried the same and couldn’t get it to work (rule machine custom command). I’m sure it was user error.


Since you work for Stelpro, I wanted to look something out with you.

I get a lot of notifications from the thermostat, like every minute! It switches from “Thermostat Operating State Is Idle” to “Thermostat Operating State Is Heating”. The setpoint is at 19.5C and the temperature it reads is 19.5C as well… I always have 1 bar on the thermostat. It’s like it trying to keep the temperature at the setpoint by starting and stoping the heating on and on. If I put the setpoint higher (like 20.5), I receive the “Operational state is Heating” and don’t receive any more notifications until it reaches the setpoint. It’s really annoying and it fulls the Activity Feed!



It’s a bit tricky, I had to try 2-3 times before:)

Go in Expert Mode.
After that, at “Select capability for test device”, choose Thermostat.
At “Select thermostat to test for commands”, select one of your Stelpro.
At the bottom, select "New custom command…"
At “Select custom command”, select “setThermostatMode”. For the parameters, select “String” and the value “eco”.
Repeat to add a 2nd custom command for the parameter “String” and value “comfort”.

Back at the previous page, at “Test saved command on Name of your thermostat”, select one of the new custom command you just created. As soon as you select the custom command, it should send it to the thermostat. Stay in front of it and try sending the “eco” command and “comfort” command.

Once you have the custom commands right, you can use them as an action for a rule.

I hope this helps:)

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Hello Michael,

Where do you enter the zipcode? Edit : got it, in the IDE

Also, did you find a way for the thermostat to report the power usage?


No…is that a feature? I didn’t see it listed anywhere.

No, this is something I hope it can do!

I don’t think there is a feature to reveal the energy consumption. However, I am pleased with how these StelPro units work…I even modified my Alexa Helper app that I now can control the whole house with the command “Alexa, turn on heat”…Read more here: [RELEASE] Alexa Helper

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Anybody else has issues with notifications from the Stelpro? I get like 10 messages every minutes, switching operating state heating to idle… My activity feed is full…

Yep…it appears to poll a lot. Not sure the reason for this, but there are multiple devices that do the same thing…specifically GE Zigbee light switches…those devices DO register power readings, which seems to happen every couple minutes. Nothing wrong with it polling so much, but I am curious on the reasoning behind it (I am almost sure there has to be a reason).

It’s really annoying…

If I look at the thermostat, I’ve got 2 bars and I’m .5C below setpoint so it’s heating. But I receive continuously the “Thermostat Operating State is Idle” and “Thermostat Operating State is Heating”… It’s like it’s switching ON and OFF… but on the display, it always displays 2 bars and still heating.

I powered it OFF and ON 2-3 times and it always do the same… 10 messages every minute in the activity feed is killing me!

That may be its functionality…there appears to be an algorithm that slows the temperature increase so that it better controls the room. A normal baseboard heater is on or off, so while it is switching on and off it may be for the best to ensure you get a stable temperature in the room. I wouldn’t concentrate so much on the log entry but how the room feels…I have personally found the thermostat to be quite reliable and better than the on/off variety it replaced.

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