Question for ST Thermostats

(Matt Thomas) #1

Good day all!

So I want to jump into the Home-Automation fun but I’m torn between the Insteon ecosystem and ST. I know they can all do the same things basically and I really love the ST can do IFTTT but the major deciding factor is the thermostat options. Right now, I have a honeywell system that has a wall mounted thermostat and a hand-held remote you can take with you and either unit can control the HVAC.

Now I know my Honeywell system cannot be integrated into either system. So I’m looking for a replacement with the same features. Reason being is the wall mounted thermostat is right above the big TV in the living room so it reads the heat from that and doesn’t cool/heat properly.

So to sum up, Does ST have a thermostat that can be either moved or has a remote/portable thermostat?

(sidjohn1) #2

This is a list of all officially compatible devices, this is the best place to start. With in smarthtings any temp sensor cam be made (with a smartapp) to override the temp sensor in the thermostat, but i’m pretty sure the simplest solution will probably be ecobee as it allow for it’s own remote temp sensors.

(Matt Thomas) #3

I saw what ecobee has to offer and I like the ecobee3 but the system isn’t on the Compatible Products list. I see that ecobee3 is Homekit enabled and so is ST so does that mean ecobee3 and ST can talk, like A=B=C?

(sidjohn1) #4

Searching the forums also helps too

(Bobby) #5

I have Honeywell zoning panel with two Honeywell z-wave thermostats (YTH - officially compatible with ST). Have had no problems controling them through ST for almost a year now.

(Matt Thomas) #6

Welp, looks like next payday. Im going to have new toys to play with. Thanks for your help.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #7

When the SmartThings platform is performing reliably (most of the time for most Devices, with some minor outages and rare major ones…), you could override your thermostat’s activation temperatures dynamically based on various temperature sensing devices at more appropriate locations throughout your home.

Many new ST basic sensors (contact, water-leak, …) report Temperature (not particularly accurately, but you would start to figure out the fudge factor).

This means you could put one of the least expensive connectable thermostats at that “TV heated location”, and push relatively hotter set points for it, based on averaging more those more relevant sensors.

i.e., if you are aiming for 70*, you might find that the AC is turning on even though the sensors throughout the house are reporting it is only 67*. So the SmartApp would dynamically change the AC set point to 73* to account for the TV heat. Once the TV is off, the SmartApp might detect that there is insufficient cooling throughout the home and so lower the set point (or even proactively detect the TV off using power measurement on an Appliance Outlet Module…).

(Matt Thomas) #8

Now that sounds like a fun idea! Now if I could just get my wife on board with all this. haha

(Tamara) #9

ST does not use HomeKit.

(Matt Thomas) #10

Sorry, I was reading so much between ST and Insteon and then Insteon Pro, I got confused.
Insteon Pro is HomeKit enabled.