Electric Baseboard thermostat control via ST

I’ll considerthat when I will do the clean up…

I have been waiting for this for a while now so definitely will donate. PayPal is probably the easiest.

The new Stelpro STZW402+ can be bought here:

Purchase will be available in more websites in the next weeks.

The new Stelpro Line-Volt thermostat STZW402+ can be bought here:


It is compatible with both 2 wires and 4 wires installations

The STZW402+ Stelpro thermostat is a Z-Wave Plus device, which means it interacts directly with a Home Automation hub supporting Z-Wave.

Sinope uses a proprietary protocol with the NeviWeb gateway (not Wi-Fi). An API is required to have it interact with a 3rd party hub such as SmartThings.

Hi @Khaydin,

The new Stelpro Ki thermostat (STZW402+) is 2 wires, but works also in 4 wires installations.

Very interesting. My only concern is scheduling. There is no local program scheduling. Not sure if you are a Rep. But when my z-wave hub goes down. Will the schedule still be running?
4 wires installation is a welcome option for sure.

Hi @Navat604,

I am no Rep, I’m a developer working for Stelpro.
The Stelpro Ki Thermostat is a “non-programmable” thermostat. Which means the scheduling must come from the hub.
So in your case, if the hub goes down, the setpoint will not change on the thermostat.

I do want to specify that the STZW402+ thermostat is a 2 wires thermostat but it can be installed in a 4 wires installation.

Thanks guys for your offers of donation … If you like the coding and still want to donate you can use Paypal to: mdbashi@gmail.com

Again, I will try my best to finalize the code next week… I will keep everybody update.

Sounds good! Thanks @Mdbashi

New Update for Sinope, I hope this time I cover everything

Again, Thanks for everybody who donate for me.

Thanks @Mdbashi! With this update I was able to go below 50 degrees and the display is in F. FYI I did have to manually refresh each one for the display to switch from C to F. Time will tell if the display is keeping updated.

Since ST schedule/event is back to normal. Your Sinope thermostat is working like a charm. Thank you for sharing!
This definitely is a long shot request but is it possible to display the auto/manual mode on one of the tile as well?

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I got my new Sinope starter pack hooked up and working great at the NeviWeb site, but when I try to add a new device type in ST I get this error when trying to save:

Org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: script1456109390052943282010.groovy: 448: expecting ‘}’, found ‘catch’ @ line 448, column 2. }catch (e){ ^ 1 error

I do notice when I copy the raw code I am not seeing any of the typical copyright or meta data stuff at the top of the code like I normally do with all other device types I have installed.

Any thoughts on what is causing that @Mdbashi?

Try to put the new code now… I fixed some issues :grin:

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I was able to save and publish the custom device type, create a new regular device and used the custom device type I published earlier. I then used my phone to edit the device I just created and provided my user name, password and device ID but got this error in the IDE live logging and blank buttons on the Android cell phone interface.

11:26:50 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method getAt() on null object @ line 307
11:26:50 PM: debug Executing ‘poll’
11:26:50 PM: debug Loged in…
11:26:48 PM: debug Need to login
11:26:48 PM: debug No, data auth. missing
11:26:48 PM: debug No session Expired
11:26:47 PM: debug Is it login?..

Thanks in advance for your help on this!! Even with the errors I am loving what I am seeing. This is going to be great when it works!

@darincraven what did you use for Device ID in setting?

Hi gouroufui,

I just installed my stelpro and the smartthings hub immediately identified it and paired. It was a breeze.

One question I have. The main interface on the “things” tab seems to have a glitch. The user interface has a circle that says “set point” (first image) that seems like it should show the set point. It has arrows to move the set point up and down, but there is now way to see the actual set point on this screen.

When I hit the arrows to the left and right of this “set point” circle, the settings change as can be seen in the second image. But to see the change I need to switch tabs, vs. having that information presented on the main device tab.

I’ll provide more of a review on the thermostat as put it through the motions in the days to come.

@Mdbashi I assume you are asking what device network ID I used when I set up the device type because I was forced to enter something. It was not clear what to add there so I just picked something hex (I think) not already in use. So here I used: Device Network Id = a1a2

If you are asking what device ID I used to identify my two thermostats in your custom device setting, here I used both “1” and “2” with these same results.

Easy steps to make new device:
1- go to IDE then my device handlers
2- Create new device from top right
3- on the Taps click on from code
4- Copy the code from https://github.com/mdbashi/Sinope/blob/master/Sinope%20Device%20handler
5- Paste the code in device handler
6- click on Create button
7- then save from the top
8- then publish then to me
9- from IDE goto My devices
10-click on New device from top right
11- Name: chose whatever the name you want (for example Living Room)
12-Device Network Id: any number for example 1
13-from type chose Sinope
14-location chose your hub
15 - click on Create
16- you will see the new device in the phone app with the name you chose
17- click on it then go to Edit Device (from the top right corner)
18- Fill up your User name and password, same one you used to access neviweb.com
19-on device ID put which thermostat you want to control (for example 1)
20- from the top right click on Done
21- do the same steps if you have multiple thermostat just in device id (step 19) chose different number (like 2, 3, 4 etc)

@darincraven did you missed any step ?

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