Stelpro releases the first Z-Wave Plus Line-Voltage thermostat: the STZW402+ Stelpro Ki Thermostat

Thanks Eddy - I’ll give this a go!

Thanks Eddy for the info. I got the new Device Handler installed and it works way better than the original, BUT still doesn’t solve the problem. Bummer.

Glad to help, hope you’ll get it working eventually

i installed this smartapp (thanks for developing for the platform!) but im not sure i understand what it does exactly.

here’s my guess after trying it… IF you have a remove temp sensor on one of your stelpro’s, you can display that reading on other stelpros so you don’t have to have a remote sensor on them all. is that it?

i connected thermo 1 to thermo 2. thermo 2 had a setpoint of 52 and ambient reading of 60, but the ext on termo 1 said 57. not sure where the 57 was coming from…

Hi @skyrun,

The SmartApp purpose is to make the outdoor temperature (or any remote sensor) displayed on the thermostat.
It does NOT replace the internal sensor

For the Alexa implementation, please check out these posts:

Is it possible to set the thermostats temperature with google home? I just installed two of these and it replies that the device doesnt have that feature, using the device handler linked in this thread.

The current device handler was not design specifically to work with Goggle Home.

I’ve both Z-Wave and ZigBee versions, both exhibit the same behavior with Amazon Alexa.

If I say, “Alexa set the [Thermostat Name] to 68 degrees.”

Alexa responds, “[Thermostat Name] is in a mode that doesn’t accept requests. Please change it’s mode in the SmartThings app or on the device.”

I’m using the updated device handlers ZigBee (Date: 2017-07-21) and Z-Wave (Date: 2017-08-21) from HitHub.

Anybody having more success?



Any estimate if that will ever happen?
Because it seems weird that at this point I have to choose between @JCon 's solution and lose the exterior temperature or keep the “Official” handler and lose Google Home control…

We are working on it.
I have reached @JCon in order to understand how he managed to make our device handler Google Home compatible.
He agreed to collaborate with us, so you may expect something soon.

I am ready to grab a couple of these for the condo. I am curious to find out if there will be an app to allow 5-2 schedule or programming similar to apps wrote by RBoys?

I want to be able to pre-heat the home at 5am in the morning and 3pm in the afternoon that kind of automation.

Could IFTTT takes care of this?

Hi @killer23d,

Yes, IFTTT can do the trick, that’s for sure.

That would be fantastic!

Both Stelpro and Sinope are in the same point in their Google Home
compatibility implementation. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Thanks for the update!

The Stelpro gets my vote because Sinope requires another ethernet port which I try to avoid.

If it is possible to set programs with IFTTT then my buying decision is made.

EDIT: I noticed in IFTTT, there is no option to switch the thermostat on to a set point. It is only showing up as a temperature sensor.

@killer23d They have new model that is Zigbee compatible. That’s what I was talking about. Problem is their shipping for one device is 20CAD. I wanted to buy one and test just as I did with Stelpro but the shipping cost held me back.

Both the Sinope and Stelrpro will require a third party SmartApp for programming schedules or be creative.

My local electrical distributor could order the Stelpro thermostats for $80, I think I prefer the Stelpro better.

FYI, In the past 3 years, I have built the ScheduleTstatZones smartapp which allows you to create zones inside your home for more targeted heating/cooling.

In the ScheduleTstatZones smartapp, you can configure your rooms/zones/schedules. You then associate your zone/room thermostats to your zones and schedule your zones during the day.

In your home, you don’t always want to heat/cool all your rooms. In the evenings or at night for instance, you may want to direct more heat to your bedrooms.

The smartapp lets you choose a master thermostat which controls other slave (zone/room) thermostats in terms of mode and setpoints. The thermostats need to follow the ST standard capabilities.

You can also define enter some delta temp adjustments to make some specific zoned rooms cooler or hotter. You can also use your room’s motion sensor to take into account if the room is occupied or not. The occupied threshold can be defined on a room by room basis for more flexibility.

There are many other features, refer to the ST community wiki for more details:

And the following ST community thread:

You can download the code at my store.


Awesome. I will give it a go.

Since these smart thermostat is almost 2x of the normal Honeywell 5-2 programmable ones, and I would expect it to have wireless capability as well as programmer-able. Am I asking too much :slightly_smiling_face:?