Smart Thermostat with zoning for independent electric radiant heating and underfloor heating?


I am trying to figure out if there is a smart thermostat that is able to control an array of single and independent heating elements that span radiant line voltage heating (ceiling) and underfloor heating.

I currently have single, independent thermostats (2x underfloor, 4x radiant ceiling), but I would love to have a way to connect them all together and enable zoning, in a way similar to what Honeywell is doing with Evohome:

Is anyone aware of a thermostat product thats supports electric line voltage radiant and under floor heating, and is compatible with Smartthings, and supports zoning?



Hi, I don’t think there is a hardware solution for your use case, but there is a software solution that can work with any Z-wave or zigbee thermostats that are compatible with your setup.

Here is the new virtual zone UI:

For more details on how to control zone/room thermostats, refer to this use case:

P.S. You should look into the latest Sinope thermostat (zigbee) and/or the Stelpro Zwave thermostats. I’ve both at my place and they work very well. I’ve coded the DTH for the Sinope thermostat, so it works very well with Amazon Echo and Google Home if it’s important to you.


I’m not sure there’s a solution for what you’re looking for exactly. There’s several systems that have smart line voltage thermostats that you can use rules to make your own zones, ie if you change the temp on one thermostat, the others in that zone will change as well.