Editing device handler for addressing LEDs on RGBW strip with Fibaro RGBW

Hello everyone. Unfortunately I have no experience with programming device handlers. I wanted to ask for some help with a device handler for the Fibaro RGBW Zigbee controller.
I was only able to find one which was working on my Android phone:

However, the whites don’t seem to work very well, or rather it looks like other colors are mixed into it. My white on the RGBW strip is warm white. Actually I only want to be able to address each individual LED and set a dim level for them. I don’t get how the LEDs are addressed for the different tiles which you can select. Anyone who would be able to help me out? Thanks!

Use krlaframboise: Zooz RGBW Dimmer as device handler

Fibaro rbgw is a z wave device.

Use this custome dht and it will work just fine.


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Have you tried the Fibaro RGBW Controller Device Handler that is “Stock” with SmartThings?

yes, you’re right I meant Z-Wave of course.
This DHT is not working for me at all, just says “TURNINGON”.
But I had to edit it a little because of compilation errors, maybe I made the wrong edits?

Thanks, this is what I was looking for. It works well, except for the different color effects, can’t get any of them to work. But then again, they are not necessary.

@Qliver what was the final solution that helped you?

and are you using it with the new app? because it seems there are a lot of reports that the dht does not work with the new V3 app.

HI, I am using the device handler that Naples suggested:

Code can be found if you scroll down.

And no, I am not using the new app because this device handler isn’t working with it. I am delaying the change for as long as possible, because I think several of my devices will stop working…

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Although I usually won’t assist users that are using one of my DTHs with a different device, the device shouldn’t matter when it comes to the DTH working with the new mobile app, so what are the problems you’re experiencing with the new mobile app and the Zooz RGBW DTH?

First of all, thank you for the DTH! It was the only one working for my Fibaro RGBW controller.

Well, the app itself actually says “don’t use the new app because it crashes constantly”. I was having issues with the child dimmers, I wasn’t able to enable child dimmers for the channels (the switch jumped back to “FALSE” by itself). But it started working after I simply waited some time.

Also, I don’t like the idea of having child dimmers, I’d rather have everything on one page like in the old app, but of course it’s because of the limitations in the new app, so not much you can do about it.

BTW, is it possible to address individual channels in Webcore? Since I am using RGBWW, the color mixing is not working great when I am setting the color in hex.

That was a bug in the new mobile app that they finally fixed.

When you select the device in WebCoRE you should see commands like setRed, setGreen, etc. which I think support values 0-100. (Command names might end with Level)

The device uses 0-255 so the value you enter is the % of that. 100=255, 50=128, etc.