Fibaro RGBW LED lights strip setup issues

Hi, I am trying to get the Fibaro RGBW working with my LED RGBWW light strip and can’t get control over it properly.
I have set it up and the device is recognised by Smarthings Classic app. However I can only get two colours from the LED strip - White and Blue and I can only dim these from the app. I can’t select another colour. It’s been driving me up the wall so any assistance would be appreciated.

I have uploaded some pics of the setup (ignore the wire colours which do not necessarily correspond with the RGBW) .

Try this handler

Also the strip is RGBW and the w which stands for white, for some reason works separate from the rest of the colors. There are 2 brightness options, one for colors and one for white. Make sure the white leds are turned off by lowering the brightness completelly. Then you should be able to get colours working

Thanks @Andremain I have installed the handler and will give that a go later today. Should I configure the device handler with any specific settings (I gather you can REM stuff out but I got lost) or can I use it as is???

No worries smartthings support sucks, so it’s nice to support each other. No special settings, no device removal, nothing like that. As soon as you assign the handler to the fibaro rgbw device, you should be good to go.

By the way please use the old app for this as it wont work with the new one… bummer, i know!

Thanks @Andremain the handler sorted it… albeit on the old app like you said. You are a Star.

Now all I have to do is work out how to switch the Fibaro unit on with the light switch.
The instructions from my supplier make no sense;

"The switch inputs on the RGBW module should be pulled to the Ground connection on the module - this is shown in the manual at

Depending on the type of switch connected (momentary or toggle) you would set Parameter 14 on the device to suit. For example, to use a single toggle switch connected to I1 to control ALL the channels simultaneously on and off you would use the calculator with each channel set to “TOGGLE - BRIGHTNESS MODE” which would give you the value of 21845 for Parameter 14."

So where on earth do I control the channels or find parameter 14 !!???

Okay I got it sorted. Thanks for the support!

Hi @manzaboy I am looking to find where parameter 14 is for Fibaro RGBW? Can’t locate it when I view the device and edit preferences I don’t get that parameter like I do when I edit preferences for the FIBARO dimmer

Any help would be appreciated thank you

@Andremain are you able to assist too please?

This is an old handler, the one i am using now does not even have properties. Does this handler still work?

Try this handler.

Hi @Andremain that device handler doesn’t have the preferences to edit either

The existing device handler I’m using (second photo) has preference edit but only has 2 options (3rd photo shows what can be edited) but unable to change the switch type to toggle nor 2 way

Yes i know. As far as i know, there is no other handler that works correctly with the new app