28-Sept Hub Update Breaks Fibaro RGBW Handler

After the 28-Sept Hub update, the device handler for the Fibaro RGBW Controller no longer contains preset light mode buttons. It’s just a color wheel, on/off, and dimmable slider.

I called their support, and since this Fibaro product is not “officially supported,” there’s nothing they can do. They also have no way to allow me to rollback my SmartThings hub to the pre 28-Sept update.

This is really disappointing that the one event per year where having RBGW lgiht modes outdoors is useful (Halloween) is only a few weeks away, and now I have no way to enjoy this product.

Does anyone use any alternative device handlers that could be loaded through the IDE?

I got the Nezmo device handler associated with the controller, and the preset modes display now, but none of the multi-color sequence ones (storm, fireplace, fade, etc.) work. Only the solid color ones seems to be responding. Looks like I’m not the only person with this discovery.