Fibaro RGBW and Google home

Hello there,

Im running into an issue where i cant change colour of my LED strips properly via google home
Im able to change it to white and red, but for blue and yellow it would not work

On the device handler on smarthings for the fibaro, the colour(blue and yellow) works without a problem, so i dont think its an issue with how i installed the LED.

Did anyone run into this issue?


I saw this thread and I’m also having an issue connecting my Google Home with my Fibaro RGBW module via Smartthings. They are working without issue using the ST app and WebCORE and I’m using the following device handler:

However, when I use the command ‘Set kitchen lights to Green’, in the live log I get the following:

3:14:51 PM: debug Outgoing: [requestId:1853901926803066972, payload:[commands:[[ids:[2b3ebf2f-de30-47ff-bb54-d0f7a561d5fa], status:PENDING]]]]
3:14:51 PM: debug Set Kitchen Rooflight RGBW to 255
3:14:50 PM: debug handleExecute()

Any ideas?