Edge drivers for Meross plugs?

Are there any Edge drivers for the Meross plugs. I have a bunch of the mss110
I’d like to bring them under local hub control

The official Meross integration already uses the new architecture.

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Yeah, but that’s cloud to cloud, not local. “placeholder,” but not “edge driver.”

The same plug will run locally with HomeKit, but I don’t know if they have an open API someone could use for a LAN edge driver. I know several people have already asked in the request thread, but no developer has responded yet.

Post Requests for Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

And Meross said recently they are only going to do Matter for their new thread models, not the existing WiFi ones. :disappointed_relieved:

Yes it the local control I’m after. Already have cloud control


The person you might want to contact about this one would be @blueyetisoftware . He’s the expert with gaining local control over current c2c integration s.

I did a quick search and only see a cloud API for them. If someone has a link to a local API, I can see what is involved, but nothing so far.

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The consenus online is the WiFi Meross plugs are not open to be controlled locally, except for HomeKit enabled versions.

TP-Link Kasa Wifi plugs have had local implemented on other hubs (Hubitat, HA). The mobile app has a mode where you join them locally without cloud dependance, so its based off that.

The WiFI plugs that are ESP8266 based (Sonoff has some, other brands too) can be flashed with Tasmota to operate locally.

All these would require Edge drivers that support the various flavors.

Personally, it makes more sense to get a Zwave or Zigbee plug for a few dollars more and it just works. Meross plugs are fine if you’re looking for WiFi/cloud control.

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They are also really useful if you want a device that can be seen by both smartthings and HomeKit simultaneously.

Hopefully, there will be more of those as matter devices get released, but right now, it’s a good reason to have one.

(they can also handle 15 A and are ETL safety certified, both somewhat unusual in the budget price class.)

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