Post Requests for Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

First things first: begin by reading the very helpful note from @philh30 below in post#3. Edge is still in beta, and chances are you don’t really need an edge driver right now unless you just want to play around with the technology.

If you do want one, there is a list of existing custom edge drivers in the community – created wiki, so check there first to see if there’s already a driver for the device you need.

If you can’t find one already written, you can ask here if any community developer would be interested in creating one.

Now that there are a number of community members writing edge drivers, we are also starting to see lots of random requests for additional device models showing up in all kinds of other threads, which gets confusing. :thinking:

The reason is understandable: edge drivers work best if the specific device “fingerprint“ is included, sometimes it’s as simple as adding just a fingerprint to an existing edge driver. But sometimes there’s more to it than that.

Anyway, this thread is so you can post a request for a community – created edge driver for a specific brand/model. You will need to post the fingerprint information. Also, as @philt notes below, It will also help if you can list the current groovy DTH you are using with the device.

If you have the device already added with a DTH, you can find that in the IDE. Make sure you copy the mfr and model information exactly: capitalization counts. For most developers, you can just post a screenshot. ( I don’t think there’s anyone using a voice reader. If so, they can let us know if they need the information in plain text.)

Please do not post these requests in other threads unless you are just asking that a fingerprint be added to an existing edge driver, in which case post in the author thread about that specific edge driver.

No guarantees that the driver will be created, but at least this will keep the forum organized. :sunglasses:

Developers: if you need to ask questions about the device or start a longer conversation, please start an individual topic for it and link to it from a post in this thread. I’d like to keep this thread to a maximum of two posts per device per developer: one requesting a driver, and one responding to that request. (Of course more than one developer might respond, you never know.)

Have fun: it’s a brave new world out there. :rocket:

If you’re trying to write your own edge driver and you have any questions about that, you can get help in the developer support section:

Support - SmartThings Community

or in the section on writing edge drivers:

Writing Edge Drivers - SmartThings Community

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Hello to the creators! :grinning::grinning:

What available data do I need to create the drivers? (Zwave and Zigbee)
Not for unnecessary things!


I want to jump in near the top with a few points:

  • Edge is in beta. Consider whether participating in the beta is appropriate for your willingness/ability to troubleshoot issues.

  • Is your device currently using a stock DTH? ST is working to transition those to Edge. Consider waiting for the official driver, which will be supported by ST staff. The vast majority of zigbee and z-wave devices will be supported by stock drivers, which will be maintained by ST staff.

  • Is your device currently running local with a stock DTH? If so, you probably don’t have anything to gain from moving to Edge before the official transition.

  • Is your device a unicorn that has never functioned properly with the stock DTHs and always required custom code? These are the situations where the community will need to fill the gap. Consider discussing with other users in the existing device topic to see if anyone is willing to take the lead on driver development. It’s very difficult to develop drivers for complicated/non-standard devices if you don’t own one to test on.


Thanks @JDRoberts for creating this thread. Makes a lot of sense to group requests all in one place, and with clear info about what’s required for someone if they were interested in taking up the challenge

The device I have a number of are Greenwave Powernodes. I currently use the DTH provided by David Lomas (codersaur) here: SmartThings/devices/greenwave-powernode-single at master · codersaur/SmartThings · GitHub

The Raw Description for one of the devices from the IDE is as follows:

zw:L type:1001 mfr:0099 prod:0002 model:0002 ver:4.23 zwv:3.33 lib:03 cc:25,32,72,86,20,71,70,27,85,87,75,56

They’ve been great (even if a little large), so I’ve seen no reason to replace them as of yet with something more modern…




Hi, I agree with what you say…

My devices are all working, I just want them to work locally…

But the truth is, they work… I thought if they were already locally they would be faster… But I have no problem waiting for the official transition!

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I have 2 requests
1, Hampton Bay Zigbee ceiling fan controller (King of Fans)…Rafhael Borja has it listed in his Github repo with some of its attributes but apparently hasn’t moved on it recently

2 Integration with Govee, the current DTH integration published by Uncdubdiver works great but he has stated he most likely will not develop a driver to take its place as he has moved on. @TAustin , this one “might” fall into your field of expertise if you wouldn’t mind taking a look


Has anyone made a driver for the Aqara B1 curtain motor yet?

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There’s an existing thread with requests for edge drivers for some of the newer Aeotec zwave devices.

My own guess would be that these will be available as stock drivers by the time edge is out of beta, but I don’t know for sure. :thinking:

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Check with @veonua

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No points for guessing my request, I have been pretty vocal since ST killed codersaurs version of

FIBARO RGBW Zwave controler

2 variants I am aware of 441 and 442, I have 441 and I do not know what 442 offered

Exceptional controlers with multiple options… no seriously, multiple options in settings and an excellent selection of built in special affects

If anyone fancies a go these devices will tax your patience


Can you point me to the current DTH?


Sure, here’s the Github link…

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It would be great if someone could make a new integration for the Monoprice 6 zone amplifier like the one made here years ago.

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I was recommended to ask for a driver for a Heatit Z-TRM3 z-wave thermostat here. Can anyone help?

Fingerprint: fingerprint mfr: “019B”, prod: “0003”, model: “0203”

I’m using the below DHT:

Is there any kind of polling or voting capability in this community tool? Requests are starting to pile up and I need a way to determine which ones have the highest interest so I can prioritize my focus…

Anyone can create a poll, so if you yourself, as a developer, want to gauge interest just create a poll post and do it yourself for the devices you are trying to prioritize.

But in other cases it may just be a matter of a developer happening to have the same device or having a particular interest in a particular device, so I don’t think all the requests should be evaluated on the basis of community interest. Also, I’d be concerned that US requests would dominate a general poll just because of population size.

So I think it’s up to each developer to decide for themselves what they’d like to work on, if anything. If a poll helps you do that, go for it. :sunglasses:

Just say something like “I’d like to prioritize which edge driver I work on next. If you have an interest in any of the following, please vote for it.“

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Very helpful. Thank you!

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Hello, does anyone think about developing a LAN driver to control Yeelight brand lights? It would be great to have local control…

as far as I remember local Yeelight requires AES implementation

I would like to add this Osram 4 button switch to the list. I’m using the EU version of the switch which works very well with the present handler…

fingerprint profileId: “0104”, deviceId: “0810”, inClusters: “0000, 0001, 0020, 1000, FD00”, outClusters: “0003, 0004, 0005, 0006, 0008, 0019, 0300, 1000”, manufacturer: “OSRAM”, model: “Switch 4x LIGHTIFY”, deviceJoinName: “OSRAM 4x Switch”

Github link to current device handler: SmartThingsPublic/osram-4-button-switch.groovy at master · andyjenkinson/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub

Thank you in advance if anyone is able to help…