Local Wifi devices? (e.g. Cielo and Honeywell thermostat)

Hi everyone

I’m not as tech savvy, so don’t shoot me if I’m way out of it with this question.
I recently saw an Edge driver, to run a Bond IR device locally instead of through the cloud.

So I started wondering if this was possible for more devices? I have a Cielo Breez Pro and a Honeywell T6 thermostat, both wifi devices that run through their respective cloud integration with Smartthings. From the top of my head, these are the only devices I have left not running locally, so was wondering if it was possible? And if anyone is interested in creating this of course…

I have an always on PC for potentially running certain apps, so that’s a possibility if necessary.

The first rule of home automation applies: “The model number matters.” :thinking:

In order for it to be possible, currently the device manufacturer has to have published their API so you know the exact format of messages to send.

AND the device has to be designed to run locally—some always require their own cloud.

There are a number of devices that do fall into this group, including Tplink Kasa smartplugs, the Philips Hue bridge, even the Logitech Harmony Hub. But there are many more that don’t.

For example, Meross smart plugs certainly can run locally with some platforms: they do with Apple HomeKit. But they haven’t published their API, and the exact same smart plug requires the cloud to work with SmartThings.

In this particular case, I haven’t seen any local options for the Cielo models. And the folks over at Home Assistant haven’t been able to integrate it, so it does appear to require its own cloud for anything above basic on/off.

There is a possibility that in the future some models might be updated to support Matter, in which case basic local operation should be possible, but we’re not there yet. :disappointed_relieved:

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