Meross Smart strip on special - is it Edge Driver compatible?

Is this a bad purchase for Smartthings use at this stage, or does it work with edge drivers?

Currently the Meross integration is cloud to cloud, so those don’t use Edge Drivers. They already use the new architecture and work well with SmartThings. I have about a dozen of their devices in my own home and like them a lot. They have good safety certifications and excellent prices.

The exact same device that is running cloud to cloud with SmartThings runs locally with HomeKit at the same time. :thinking:

So while nothing has been officially announced, my personal guess is that at some point in the future both SmartThings and Meross will support Matter, and at that point Meross devices will switch to a Matter integration. And that WILL use stock Edge Drivers and run locally. No promises, but it would make sense. :sunglasses:

So…currently they do work well with SmartThings, but it’s a cloud to cloud integration. And those don’t use Edge Drivers, so are not affected by the end of Groovy one way or another. That makes them a good purchase now if you’re ok with a cloud based integration.

In the future it’s possible the integration will be shifted to Matter, in which case it will use stock Edge Drivers. We will just have to wait and see.


Remember that Edge Drivers are only used for devices connected to a SmartThings/Aeotec hub, mostly zigbee and zwave.

There are many integrations, including most WiFi devices, that don’t use Edge Drivers at all, including Ring, Nest, Ecobee, Arlo, Samsung appliances and televisions, Lightwave, iSmartgate, Switchbot, some Honeywell, and many more.

And a few devices, including Philips Hue and Shelly switches, offer EITHER an edge driver integration or a cloud to cloud integration. That way people who don’t have a hub (the vast majority of SmartThings customers) can also use them.

So if you are buying new devices right now you want something that will work with the new architecture, but that doesn’t have to mean works with an Edge Driver. :wink:


That is - as always - an extremely helpful reply, and you have my gratitude for that!

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