(EDGE Driver-Mc): Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc (virtual Switch Mirror, Virtual Calendar and virtual Switch Board...)

Thx!! You saved me… losing Child device access from showing as an independent thing & losing voice assistant access to child device on the new edge platform sucks!!

Thx to this mirror driver… I regained the missing native features!!


Hi @adrian97c

I think routines must be like this in order to works when push on or off the Switch2 too

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Yes you were right, thanks! The wall switch when physically changed didn’t trigger the ST app to sync state… I didn’t realize yesterday because I was so excited to have it work with Alexa! Lol but since you replied I made it exactly the same as your sample with the “any condition” instead of “all conditions”… syncs perfect now!


This is an awesome driver - I’m using the switchboard and the text fields. Thank you @Mariano_Colmenarejo

For the text fields / number fields, is it possible to make these improvements/suggestions?

  • Ability to rename field label (so it isn’t just Text Field 1 etc) to be more specific to the variable use.
  • Choose how many fields you want the virtual device to have (more than 5)
  • Add a true/false field
  • Combine text, numbers, and true/false into 1 virtual device

I envisage a single virtual device that can store all relevant variables, replacing the need for lots of virtual switches to drive automations and sharptools rules.

Of course, I have no idea if this is even technically possible!

Thanks again for this driver.

Hi @Hendo25

That the user rename the labels cannot be done.

The profiles with the number of capacities must be created, they cannot be created dynamically with the number and type of capacities that each user wishes.

I could create new profiles for devices:

  • boolean type
  • Mix of the 3 types, text, number and boolean
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New version of Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc that incorporates the Virtual Calendar Mc driver

  • To reduce the number of drivers, I have included the Virtual Calendar Mc driver in the Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc driver.
  • Virtual Calendar devices already created will be able to make a Driver Change in App to this driver and Routines or Scenes already made NOT will be lost.
  • It is important before making the change of driver, check that in preferences there is the preference Profile Number: 8.

  • Once the driver change has been made, the Local Time Offset must be re-entered with the UTC time, this data is lost when the driver is changed.
  • Also now you can create new Virtual Calendar devices, although one should be enough for almost all requirements.

  • The Virtual Calendar driver can be deleted from your Hub

The new version of Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc is this and it should already be installed in all the Hubs, since I published it yesterday

Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc                 

@Mariano_Colmenarejo calendar is not saving time offset. It keeps blanking out.
Nevermind, I was making change in settings, not on details page

It works from Details’ page

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My local date is ahead. How do I add (-) in the offset box? Today is the 18th showing the 19th

Hi @Drknght4

This a issue with IOs app.
Write the negative value in other Windows, web, Text, … Copy and paste in the Local hour offset app

@Mariano_Colmenarejo it worked! And I figured what my problem was with sunrise and sunset! Now it’s working perfect!! Thank you!!

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I must be missing something…how do I use this driver? I find nothing related to virtual anything in the new Smartthings app.


  • You have to enter the link of my channel
  • Enroll your hub in the channel and access the drivers that the channel has
  • Click on Install the driver Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc.
  • In the App add a new device and choose the method search nearby
  • This will create the MAIN Vitua device, which will allow you to create new virtual devices of whatever type you need.
  • Do not delete this Main device, here it will keep track of how many virtual devices you have created

Thank you. It would be great to additionally support randomness in a different way: allow a turn on/turn off event to be “adjusted” + or - a random number of minutes with a specified range (e.g -5 to +15 minutes). This would make an automation look unpredicable during a vacation for example.

I find that if I set a virtual appliances switch to random, that it just randomly turns on and off forever…not just once. Is that nitended?

Hoping someone would tell me why this routine isn’t working. It cycles once and then stops. I have the away lighting switches mirrored to a set of lights and a separate routine that stops it at a specific time or when I come home.


Yes, It works in a random cycle between Mim and Max time selected in preferences until random function is set to inactive by automations, scene or manually.
Every cycle new random timer is set and show the hour for the next change

Hi @Terri_Baker

I have a similar one and it works fine.
I have created another one with a virtual mirror and it works fine too.
While the cycle is active, it displays the timeline of the next scheduled change.

It may be that in the routine to deactivate the random function you have something that deactivates it before time.

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Thanks for making this. In the Virtual Appliances Switch Selected Profile, what is the diference between “mirror” and “mirror and switch”? Is there documentation somewhere?


The difference is that only mirror profile you can only do routines with mirror_In and mirror_Out capabilities.
It was a request to avoid using the capability switch and looping the mirror routine.

The mirror and switch profile allows you to make routines with the switch, mirror_In and mirror_out capabilities

Hi, @Mariano_Colmenarejo
Setting a time of matches is not triggering routines.
I tried changing it to equal or above but that just keeps triggering. Next I thought I’d try to set a range or use Local hour 1 and Local hour 2, set at midnight (0) and 1201am (0001) but I cannot enter any time with minutes in the midnight hour range. 0 changes to whatever number you select next.