(EDGE Driver-Mc): Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc (virtual Switch Mirror, Virtual Calendar and virtual Switch Board...)

New version of Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc that incorporates the Virtual Calendar Mc driver

  • To reduce the number of drivers, I have included the Virtual Calendar Mc driver in the Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc driver.
  • Virtual Calendar devices already created will be able to make a Driver Change in App to this driver and Routines or Scenes already made NOT will be lost.
  • It is important before making the change of driver, check that in preferences there is the preference Profile Number: 8.

  • Once the driver change has been made, the Local Time Offset must be re-entered with the UTC time, this data is lost when the driver is changed.
  • Also now you can create new Virtual Calendar devices, although one should be enough for almost all requirements.

  • The Virtual Calendar driver can be deleted from your Hub

The new version of Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc is this and it should already be installed in all the Hubs, since I published it yesterday

Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc