3 Gang Switch Binder - Edge Driver

Hi all, I have managed to migrate all of my webcore and most of my smart apps to native smartthings routines, however I am not sure what do do about gang switches that currently use a binding smart app (Virtual Device Sync). I am not sure how to handle this before the switch over. Any idea anyone? Cheers

It depends exactly what you’re using it for, but this might fit.

(New Release) Edge Driver Virtual Appliances Mc (virtual Switch Mirror and virtual Switch Board)

Just be aware that we are now limited to 200 total devices and the virtual devices do count in that quota.

Awesome thanks. I currently have all my mirrors set up in Smart Lighting, does this mean that smart lighting is not expected to be carried through to the next platform? Cheers

Smart ligthning is one of two smartapps that will be migrated.