Is there any logging available for rule execution?

I’m trying to implement a rule and it isn’t behaving as I want. Is there any log or feedback available to help debug?

Hi, @Davec!

No, there isn’t a tool that lets you see the logs specifically about the Rule execution, have you checked the events of the devices?
If they’re Edge drivers, you can see their logs in the CLI with the command smartthings edge:drivers:logcat.

Also, you can share your Rule and let us know what you expect it to do (and its current behavior) so we can help you out :smiley:

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Aha. Ok. Thanks for your response.

I’ll try your suggestions

You could try executing a Rule manually via the API or the CLI to see what the response is. It is borderline incomprehensible at the best of times but if there is a genuine error it should show it, and you can probably figure out which blocks aren’t evaluating as you expect. Obviously it will depend a bit on your Rules. Some will be idempotent.

Yes…I’ve recently started using the API/CLI more…tends to help, but as you say it is still somewhat arcane.

You can also use Virtual Appliances Text Fields to log rules
(New Release) Edge Driver Virtual Appliances Mc (virtual Switch Mirror, Virtual Calendar and virtual Switch Board) - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community
Add to rules commands that write to text field text that tells what action was performed.