SmartThings Expert Routines Help Needed: Will Pay (Samsung HVAC Units)

Thermostat Routines can be the trickiest because of the various scheduling ideas…

The Routine will only trigger if the Away mode action happens between 8:30am-4pm on Wednesday. If the system is already in Away mode before the time window, then it won’t do anything since a pre-condition time range is not a trigger and the Away mode as the trigger is already set prior to the time window.

If you set the specific time at 8:30am on Wednesday as the trigger (not a precondition), and use the Away mode as the precondition, then it will activate and run at 8:30 on Wednesday when the system is in Away mode. But, you’ll then need to make another Routine to turn it off at 4pm on Wednesday when away with Away mode as the pre-condition if that’s what you want it to do.

As for Summer and Winter, I use @Mariano_Colmenarejo Virtual Calendar device for my seasonal thermostat Routines by using the month ranges setting of the Virtual Calendar as the pre-condition.

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