Edge Driver for Linear Go Control Garage Door Opener

I have a Linear Go Control Garage door opener that went offline today. I tried everything to get it back without success. I excluded it and paired it 3 different times. Twice by using the scan method, and once using the by brand/type method. (excluding between each). All 3 times it comes up as contact Device Z-wave Maquerade. I can’t get this thing to work again. It looks like it was migrated to Edge Driver recently. I didn’t have this issue when it was DTH.



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Yes, PT it look like it is using an edge driver. You need to change it to the correct edge driver. No sure what driver that would be.

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If you can select another driver I’m using this. You may have to join the Beta channel and subscribe to that driver.

When I look under …> Driver> Select different driver, there are only 2. *Z Wave Switch and * Z Wave Masquerade. Not sure what/how those got there, but can’t find a way to get others either.

You will need to subscribe to the Zwave Garage driver from SmartThings Edge Driver Beta channel.

Where might I find instructions to do that? I found this…

Is it one of these?

Click the link I supplied above, login to SmartThings, enroll your hub then select the driver.

Thanks Jake- The first time I clicked the link and signed in I needed to confirm with a code they sent and it took me to a different place… This time it went right to the drivers. I’ll give it a try!!

Any luck? I’ve noticed my GoControl garage door opener has been recently migrated.

The control over the garage door is A) significantly delayed (2+ minutes) and B) no longer has actions logged in the device history.


I had the exact same thing a few weeks ago. Try this: Go here SmartThings Channel and Drivers and then see if you have somehow installed the Masquerade Driver. If so, Uninstall.

It was enrolled on mine for some unknown reason. After I uninstalled it and then installed the above driver, it paired fine and works.

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Regrettably I’ve only received the post-login spinning wheel for the last few days.

I’ll keep checking back.

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If I want to switch my openers to the EDGE driver, do I need to remove and then add them back? They are using a custom device handler now and haven’t been migrated. I have a lot of zwave devices that haven’t migrated, many using custom handlers.

I have subscribed to the beta channel already and added the driver.

If you want to use an edge drive you must exclude them from the system, remove the custom DTH then reinclude the device back into SmartThings. If you have routines that interact with the opener, before you remove it from the system add a VR switch into the routine to act as a placeholder. Then once the device is added back ina nd running the driver simply go back into the routines and replace the VR switch with the opener. This keeps you from having to rebuild routines from scratch.

I just installed a go control unit. It seems to pair fine. It shows status open or closed. But i can’t control it from smartthings… it says opening but nothing happens. Also, there’s no “driver” option. Lift master unit (that’s why the go control… didn’t want to deal with the new MyQ workaround) with the unit connected to red and white screws. Suggestions?

did you resolve this issue?

i am in a similar situation. i have paired my go control device with my smart things hub. the device paired successfully, but i am unable to control the unit from the app.

i’m not sure if it is being paired/configured correctly. when checking the device in IDE, it isn’t assigned a network id, it isn’t assigned to a hub and it is listed as “placeholder” as the “Type” of device (screenshot included)

I know the device works as I used it a few years back, but that was in the older app and older smart things hub…

I had to exclude and then include 2 of these. It set up exactly like your screen shot and they work as expected.

Resolved my issue. It wasn’t the gocontrol/linear unit, it was the garage opener. If you have a lift master/chamberlain/craftsman it won’t work because of the MyQ capabilities. I took a car remote and soldered the 2 wires that are suppose to attach to the garage opener to the button on the circuit board of the “car clicker”. Now when I activate the gocontrol, it simulates pushing the button on car clicker. Works perfect.


after messing around with my go control garage door opener for the better part of 8 hours across two days, trying everything i could between SmartThings app, IDE, new edge drivers, etc, i was ultimately unable to get my go control garage door opener to do anything beyond associating with my ST hub (ie open/close garage door).

given i bought the device nearly 8 years ago, i can only surmise that it was somehow broken or damaged or the hardware deteriorated over the years. if not that, then it has something to do with the transition going on to new platform. in any event, i had no choice but to give up and find another solution.

to resolve my situation, i ended up just buying a new/different device: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L5DPK8P

this garage door opener works flawlessly and is fully compatible with SmartThings. it does require wifi and doesn’t operate over z-wave, but it’s a small tradeoff. installation and operation is exactly the same as the go control device.

case closed (for me)

Hi all - I have 2 Linear/GoControl Z-Wave garage door openers. Yesterday, one went offline so I have factory reset and reaadded it. It shows as online and connected to the Hub, but the status will not update or let me perform any open/closed actions. I have replaced the battery in the tilt sensor and repaired it with the opener. Both of my garage doors (one working and one not) are using the Edge Z-Wave garage door opener drivers. Any thoughts??


I also have 2 of these. They do occasionally go offline. I have never gone as far as a factory reset, but here is what worked for me.

-I have been able to simply operate the door with a wall push button and it has gone back online.


-I have shut off the breaker they are on for a few minutes, (they are the only things on that circuit). When I turn the breaker back on, they show up as “UNKNOWN”. Press the wall button, they open and register as “OPENING” then “OPEN”.


-I have excluded and then included. They have always come back with one of the previous steps. I will tell you sometimes I have to exclude and include multiple times.

Approx. 3 times a day, for no apparent reason, one or the other will change to “OPENING” and stay there. It is a real problem, so much that I have a rule that watches for it to be stuck in that state, waits for 30 seconds, then closes the door. Nothing actually happens, just the door will show “CLOSED”.

I really don’t like these controllers. I did try the Zooz ZEN16 (I think) relays. I hard wired the sensors to be used for open/closed. Set everything up only to find one of the relays in the device was dead on arrival. I removed it and sent it back. If a device is defective out of the box, I don’t usually try another. I put the Go Controllers back in… I will say that is seems many people on here do use the ZEN successfully.

By the way - They were migrated to Edge by SmartThings and are using whatever driver they migrated them to (Zwave Garage Door Opener)