GoControl (Linear) garage door openers can't connect in new app

Hello everyone,

I finally bit the bullet and migrated to the new app now that it appears all my devices were showing and my smart apps were working OK. I’ve had both apps installed side by side for months but just today made the final migration when I realized they were no longer updating event history in the old app.

So now that I’ve migrated, my 2 linear garage door openers do not work in the new app. Both are listed in the correct location/room, but I get a “Can’t connect to device” error when attempting to activate or access either device.

In the SmartThings IDE, both devices are listed as online. And in the classic app both are available and able to be open/closed. I’m not sure what else to do?

I suppose I can remove and attempt to re-add both devices, but I’d really rather not have to get up on a ladder if I can help it.

Any other options before I dig the ladder out of the shed?


Are you using a custom device handler or the standard one?


I am using a custom handler that I just found an update for and have since updated and published. Any idea how long it takes to update in the app? Still showing unavailable. One of the updates was for compatibility with the new app. Obviously I should have checked that first.

I think I read it can take up to 12 hours. You can force it by flipping the assigned DTH back and forth.

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Yep that did it. I switched to default z-wave garage door opener and back and one is showing up correctly. Thanks for the info! I’ll update the other one now.

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Just curious what custom DTH you are you using. would you mind sharing.?

I’m wondering that too. I have the same device and just use the standard “Z-Wave Garage Door Opener” device type. What advantages does the custom DTH have?

I’m using the New app and RBoy’s device handler. It’s working just fine.

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I’m also using RBoy’s device handler for my openers.

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Can you guys post screenshots of what Rboys’ DTH looks like in the new app? are any of you using alexa to open/close it? Thanks.

Sure, here you go. Although looking at it closely for the first time, not sure why it has 2 door control buttons. May have to ask RBoy what’s up with that. Used to have battery life on the old handler in the classic app. I am a Google Home user, don’t have any Alexa devices.

Hi, do you have a link for RBoy’s device handler?

You have to pay for access, but in my opinion it’s been worth it.

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THank you.