Linear GD000Z-4 Stopped working

I have two Linear GD000Z-4 Go Control boxes installed on my garage doors and last week they both stopped operating. The Smartthings app still shows them installed and connected but when I try to open the garage doors, it tries for awhile and then says there is a network error. Any suggestions?

I have one that was migrated to edge and it works fine. Try doing a Zwave repair and see if that fixes it.

I see you have not posted in a while and may not be aware of the ST migration. Read through the below.

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Thanks, I’ve read a few threads on z-wave repair and am unable to find it. When I open the hub in the app, the only options that are available are: Edit, Driver, Settings, Information. None of them have the zwave repair utility. Any suggestions?

Its under settings, zwave utilities.

Ugh, and so it is! Thanks

Im glad you found it. Let me know how it works for you.

Not initially but I recycled power on the hub and now it works. Thanks for the help!

your welcome.

For other users that may run into this problem and find this thread… I doubt the z-wave repair is what fixed it, but the hub reboot. I say this because I have had a couple of instances where updates to Edge drivers were not pushed down to my hub. I don’t know why or have an explaination, but any time a developer changes an Edge driver, it is supposed to be automatically pushed down to the hub. Usually this is completed rather quickly, but it can take up to 12 hours. I have had instances when it took longer than 12 hours, but rebooting the hub forced the download. I’m guessing that is what happend to you? Your Z-Wave Groovy DTH was upgraded to an Edge driver and for a reason beyond my understanding, the Edge driver failed to download/install on your hub.