Edge driver for an external Vaticas zigbee water valve actuator

Here it is

Manufacturer: T-
Model: TS0601
FingerPrinted_EndPoint.Id: 0x01
App Version: 0×46
ZCL Version: Unknown
Network ID: OxE26C
Zigbee EUl: A4C13873B9C394E5
Device ID: Ob49b382-d887-44f8-8fb4-f4802249b443
12:50 PM
Server Cluster:
Ep: 0x01={ 0004,0005,EF00,0000
Client Clusters:
Ep: OxF2={ 0021}
Ep: 0x01={ 0019,000A }
Signal Metrics:
LQI: 249 … RSSI: -80 dbm

It use EF00 cluster

How do I do to set the “personal devices EF00 driver”. Do you some tutorial?

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo
Thinking in how our smart devices can be used to adapt our behaviour to the changing environment situation.
An example… related to the water restrictions due to lack of rain in some regions like mine in Catalonia Spain, I wonder if your “Zigbee Valve Mc” driver could include an additional slider to open and close the valve partially. The intention is to permanently reduce the flow of water in the circuit.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bernfp

That depends on the type of valve.

Normal valves in this driver, Tuya for example, are open close type and have limit switches and stop the movement of the motor.
One is to identify the open position and another the closed position.

I don’t know if there are other types of more complex valves in zwave that monitor the position of the valve and can stop in intermediate positions.