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NOOB alert! I have bought this recently and although smartthings pairs with it, I’m unable to use the device. Do I need to buy a Zigbee Gateway or does someone have a custom device handler I can use please?
Brand: Aubess
Seller: AliExpress
Description: Tuya ZigBee Water Sensor Leak Detector Flood Water Leakage Alarm Support Zigbee Gateway Smartthings SmartLife APP Smart Home

Have you got the device working in the Tuya app ??
Actually scratch that, you dont have an Tuya hub, best bet is to search for an edge driver here on the forum or request someone add the devices fingerprint to a user created edge driver

Thank you very much for the advice. I have found a Tuya Leak sensor Handler on the link suggested above, but it does not work unfortunately. Would any Developer be interested to write one?


If it doesn’t work, you should ask in the author thread for the driver that you tried so the author can see if a modification is needed. Sometimes it’s a really simple fix. :sunglasses:

Thank you for that. I will do that now