[ST Edge] Varying support for different hub versions? (e.g. ET-WV520)

I just picked up an ET-WV520 hub (aka Samsung Connect Home) for cheap hoping it would allow me to play with Edge development without disrupting my existing setup. At first I thought it wouldn’t work at all because the hub menu in the ST app looks different. The ‘Z-Wave utilities’ and ‘Driver’ options are missing. However, I see that some level of Edge support was added October 2021. Everything I’ve tried with the CLI works as expected. I can install a Z-Wave device and it’s paired with an Edge driver. The individual devices show the ‘Driver’ option. However, I do notice some problems. LAN devices (e.g. Hello World example) are not discovered. That was mentioned by @h0ckeysk8ern on the release notes. Also, some Edge drivers don’t work as expected. For example, the GE Fan Control by @philh30 times out when adjusting the ‘Fan speed’ slider and the ‘Button’ status never changes. The same drivers work fine on my v2 hub. Yes, we’re still in beta, but substantially different experiences on different hardware is just bad. At the very least, there need to be some additional disclaimers-- like what hubs were tested. I will have to look closer at these issues. I now have 2 hubs under 1 location. Is there some parameter defaulting to the first hub? Does anyone have multiple v2/v3 hubs under the same location with Hello World discovered on either hub? For those wondering how this could work, the app makes you choose the hub before discovery.

I’ve got a couple of V2 hubs on one Location. As you suggest, with ‘Scan Nearby’ you are offered a choice of hubs from your current Location at the start of discovery. If you were to add by brand or type (not sure if that is supported for Edge yet - initially it was suggested it wasn’t) then you get to choose a hub from any of your Locations.

Connect Home and SmartThings wifi have some known bugs with Edge. I think @mvevitsis tried it and got confirmation from devs that there are bugs that don’t affect V2/V3/Aeotec hubs. I think they were severe enough that it rendered Edge useless on Connect Home and SmartThings wifi from what I remember.

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That’s right. It currently doesn’t work, Samsung is aware of the issue and working on a fix.