Ecolink Door/Window Contact Sensor

Are these Ecolink Z-WAVE Wireless Door/Window Sensors rebranded Schlage? They look identical and at a few bucks cheaper. Almost as cheap as the Monoprice units.

Sure does. I have several of the Schlage sensors and they look identical, heck even the pictures Amazon is using are the same.

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Are these sensors really 4.2" long like the Amazon link says? I find that hard to believe! Does anyone have the correct dimensions handy?

They are 3.25 long, and 1 inch wide by 1 inch deep. I just installed 3 more of them.

These are well priced, especially since the Schlage version is $10 more expensive

Last week I installed 4 of the Ecolink door/window sensors. Is it normal for them to duplicate open and closed messages sometimes?

I have 3 and havent experienced this

I haven’t seen that happen before. What does the IDE show in the event log for that device?

My Ecolink sensors seem to be 100% now, no duplicate open/closed messages. Maybe they just needed to sync up or maybe an extra power cycle of the hub or maybe Support fixed it!

I am very happy with them, it’s amazing how fast they report.


Just got a bunch of Ecolink door/windows sensors and ran into this problem: the sensor included successfully, but it does not report status change when the door is opened or closed, until I kick off refresh (by pulling down the device ‘details’ window). I have several similar Schlage sensors and those work just fine. The only difference I noticed when looking at device settings in the IDE is that Scalage displays this:

Data [MSR:011F-0001-0002, endpointId:0]

while Ecolink has:

Data No data found for device

Any ideas?

I picked up two of the monoprice ones, work perfectly.

@geko, your timing is great. I literally just installed 3 of them that arrived this morning via UPS! I noticed the same thing as you did, but I can’t explain why. I bought some of the Schlage’s earlier this year, but the Ecolinks were much cheaper. The Ecolinks have been working great for me, including being notified when the cover is opened (in the device’s event log and via the Activity Log in the app). I’ve got over 15 of them so far.

Here’s the Schlage:

Here’s the Ecolink:

If you’d like the device type I’m using, here’s it is:

These are the best sensors. You can also close a circuit with them which is awesome and leads to lots of DIY

Just installed another one from the same batch and this one is reporting fine, although it also shows No data found for device in the IDE. Go figure!

Why are you using custom device handler? How is it different from the stock one?

Hi @geko, in actuality nothing significant from the base Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor. The exceptions are to use a different ST icon (window) instead of the default open/close, changed color for when closed, and added a couple logging statements. These changes were all for my benefit, and how I like for these devices to be represented in the app.

I have no idea why the Schlage and Ecolink would be different like that, perhaps something the two companies agreed on to differentiate their products? Both work the same, so for me the price difference between $27.75 and $38.54 was the deciding factor.

@Kristopher, yep I agree. I have a couple side-by-side windows where 1 of these sensors paired with a few magnetic contact sensors connected to those internal terminal screws works really well.

I have one of these on my front door and am having some problems. It seems to work for a while (1-3 days) then seems to miss a close event or something then never gets back on track. Last weekend it was reporting everything as opposite.

I notice in these times that while the red light quickly flashes when I open the door, it sometimes will stay lit for 10 seconds after I close it. That seems to be when the problem occurs and SmartThings doesn’t register the contact as closed.

Anyone have any ideas? This is my only sensor in the house at the moment and the hub is one floor down and maybe 25ft away. Popping the battery out and back in sometimes seems to remedy it, but not always.


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@wphampton, I had one do the same as well, so I replaced the battery that came with the sensor with a brand new one. I’ve not had this specific problem come back up ever since. Could be coincidental, but so far so good.

@johnconstantelo Thanks, I’ll give that a whirl. It reports 100% battery, though. Strange it just seems to act up on close events.

@wphampton, The one thing about these sensors I don’t know about for sure is how the battery level is really reported. What I mean by that is does the sensor report the actual level, or does it just really report a low battery notification when it hits some type of built-in threshold and the % in ST always stays at 99 or 100%.

I have a sensor on a very, very active door, and it’s been at 100% for just over a year until just the other day when all of a sudden it went to 1% and my battery notification apps alerted me. The one thing about these zwave battery devices is that communication range will decrease as the battery slowly gets consumed from what I’ve been reading and trying to learn about. I wonder if the “stays lit for 10 seconds” is the device’s way of letting us know it’s time to replace the battery.