Ecolink Motion now a problem thanks to Everspring's crummy product

Spent HOURS trying to pair two ever spring ceiling mounted motion sensors last week. Finally got one running with the modified device type IDE. The other never worked so I returned it. I have 7 Ecolink motion sensors which have always paired simply and correctly. Just bought an 8th to replace the everspring, and its pairing incorrectly with my V2 hub AS AN EVERSPRING!!!

Same issue. Constant motion. No battery indiction…

Anyway, went into the IDE and manually changed the type to Z-Wave Motion sensor. Rebooted hub multiple times, unpaired and paired numerous times… Nada. Ecolink now won’t properly pair to my system. I’m really getting tired of the drama every time I try to execute a simple task like adding a motion sensor. ST is getting on my last nerve. This is really BS.


I still have not found a solution. I feel this should be an easy fix, but I’m stumped. Desperate for suggestions…


The root issue here is: since I installed the device type that makes the everspring work, adding an ecolink (which used to work every time) now causes the device to pair as an ever spring and suffer the same issues as the everspring. Completely unusable.

Changing device type after pairing does not help.

Change the device type, wake the device and hit refresh, this should send the configure commands.

If that doesn’t work and you still have the custom device type then please remove it as well. We will fingerprint your custom device types first. These devices probably have the same fingerprint. Once it is removed exclude and repair the device.

Thanks Tim.

I ended up doing the latter:

Removed the everspring device type completely and changed the ever spring to Z-wave Motion

Added the ecolink (it was recognized properly) and configured it

Re-loaded the everspring device type and associated it with the everspring again

All is good.

I assume that I’m going to have to do this every time I add a motion sensor in the future. Ugh. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. Was pretty painless in the end…

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