Everspring SP103 motion sensor appears as open/close sensor

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My first post on here. I have a 20 things connected to my hub including 2x Aeon MultiSensors that work great. I just purchased two of the less expensive Everspring SP103 motion sensors. When I attempt to add the SP103 through “connect new device” its added as an open/close sensor and responds to motion to changing the state of the sensor from open to closed and back. If I try to add it by going through the motion sensors tab is and selecting the SP103 it says its found something other then an SP103. How can I add this as a motion sensor and not an open close sensor?

@beareats, you’ll have to go into the IDE and manually change the device type to a zwave motion sensor, or email support for help changing it. I believe there’s already a thread on this same topic. I’d find the link for you, but I’m mobile right now.

I went into IDE, selected the SP103 which is set to type:Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor and attempted to change it. The problem is there is no type for Everspring Motion Sensor. The only Everspring type is for a flood sensor. I attempted to change the type to just generic “Z-Wave Motion Sensor” but when I do that the only “current status” it reports is battery so its kinda useless. Any ideas?

anyone ever get one of these to work as a motion sensor?

@minollo has a device type for it as a motion sensor, I believe:

FAQ: Do you know of an outdoor motion sensor? - #3 by florianz

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Yep, still working fine. The latest version of the device handler I’m using is here.


I’m looking for outside motion detectors for triggering outside flood lights and porch lights at night.

Looking around there aren’t many options that I’ve been able to find. Most options aren’t truly rated for outdoor use and living in Florida it needs to be able to survive a storm.

The only option I’ve found that appears to fit the bill is the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Gen5 Multi-Sensor. The reviews indicate that more people hate it than find it acceptable. There is an older version that got better reviews but it isn’t available for purchase anymore.

I’ve seen lots of threads comparing motion sensors but none with good info for outdoor use. What does everyone else use?

This is an excellent question and one often asked. I think there are six threads in the forum already about it. Nothing has changed for 2016 so you can still use the information from those.

Aeotec themselves recommend disabling the motion sensor feature of their device if you want to use it outdoors (in which case you would be using it for lux and temperature) because the motion sensor gives so many false alerts.

But again all of this is discussed in the existing threads:

I have the Aeon labs multisensor 6. I have only had it for a month and so far its working well. I do get a few false motion alarms ( I hope those were indeed false :wink: ) at night, but its already withstood a couple of storms!

@JDRoberts - I’m wanting to buy a motion sensor to trigger the lights so a product that recommends turning off that feature doesn’t fit the bill.

@ncatoffice - I looked at the version 6 but it said it wasn’t rated for outdoors. Lots of people seem to be using it outdoors but I was hoping to get something that the manufacturer actually backs up in an outdoor environment. Good to know though. Thanks.

See the other thread I linked to. There are many specific options discussed there. :sunglasses:

I had already read that thread before posting.

  • Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector - Not outdoor rated
  • Fibaro - Not outdoor rated
  • Aeon - Horrible reviews and addressed in my original post
  • Everspring SP103s - Discontinued
  • Duct Tape and an indoor sensory - Too classy for me

I put some time and research in before asking the question. This is a legitimate question. What specific make/model sensor do you use outside.

I am using a Fibaro. It is up under the soffit right next to the wall. Seems to work well, been out there 8 months without issue.

It’s certainly a legitimate question. It’s just already discussed in depth in the other thread. There haven’t been any new devices in this device class in 2016 if that’s what you’re asking.

(Oh, the Everspring SP103 is still available on the EU zwave frequency from Vesternet and other retailers, I think it was just the US model that was discontinued.)

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I have tried the device handler you published, but not getting battery status ?