Ecolink Door/Window sensor VS. the New guy

I am brand new to Smart Home technology. I was currently looking at adding a self monitoring alarm system and ran across Smartthings thinking why not pick this up and let it do security and much more. So I picked up several door/window sensors and motion detectors as well as a Sonos to act as my warning/alert for the moment.

Last night I was able to connect Sonos without issue but I had no luck getting my Ecolink Door/Window sensor connected and gave up. This morning I linked it up right away without issue. Now my issue is it is showing as open when it is closed.

Any thoughts on how I can fix this issue?

I have several more door/window and motion sensors to hook up but want to get this step right before I move forward.

Thanks for all the help! I’m really excited to get this system up and running and then upgrading to automate more of my house

Is the distance between the sensor and the magnet to great?
If the distance from the hub if greater than 50’ , you may need a range extender. I had to get one to cover the gap from my front door and garage door.
Check the battery (<25% is not a good idea).
Also, you may want to pop the battery out and put it back in.

I recommend the original SmartThings Door window sensor or this one:

@lmosenko, I ended up throwing those Eversprings away cause a good portion of mine were eating batteries like crazy, primarily on doors and windows frequently used.

I have just over 25 of the Ecolinks all over the house. They’re rock solid.

@JohnnyP90X, can you make sure the device is using the right device type via the IDE?

The distance to the sensor from the hub is less than 15 feet. the distance between the sensor and magnet is small as well (well within range)

I have to assume the battery life is good with it being new but I’m not getting a reading so I’m not sure.

I deleted the device using the app and tried to re-connect but an having issues with the connection. So I just went onto the IDE and deleted the device and will try again shortly.

Once I get it connected I will check the IDE site again and see that it is connecting as a door/window sensor and post the outcome.

Thanks for the quick responses and help. I’ve read good reviews on ecolink and went with their motion sensors too due to them being pet friendly.

My guess is most of my issues will be user error due to being new to this

Thanks for all the help

I went into IDE and clicked enable z wave (not sure if I should or what it does) but after doing this my ecolink door sensor connected right up.

I looked like it was working as I tested open and closed for a bit but then froze on closed. I just looked at the app and it looks like it is back to working and showing open (I put the magnet and sensor on my table apart from each other to see if it would read correct before getting it back on the door.
So I’m going to put them up on the door and try moving to the next sensor