Ecolink door window sensors on my basement windows.. false alarms...some are on a weekly basis

ecolink door window sensors on my basement windows…10 in total…a lmost all have given me false alarms at one time or another …some are on a weekly basis…i have added new amplifying hard wired devices in the same room but am still getting false alarms…i have pulled the batteries out of the sensors three times …hoping to establish a new mesh network …there mounted on the windows according to manufacters instructions…they work for a while and in the middle of the night any one cold give me a false alarm…any help would be appreciated

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ecolink are zwave. Have you ran a zwave repair? Not sure if the devices self find a path.

Not sure if its a range issue, they would just not update status. Does the window move a bit? I had a window when the sun warmed it up it shifted ever so slightly, it was enough to trigger an open command. Had to reposition the magnet, and no false alerts for 2 weeks.

I run a z wave repair weekly I’ve never been more than a week without an alarm…

I’d worry if your windows are like mine, they are metal encased in concrete. I’d worry about range in that case.

My strategy would be to temporarily run an extension cord with a repeater in the center of the sensors (line of sight) and then repair, then see if it was more stable. Pain I know.

I have a ton of these, and every so often I’ll get a false alarm. I swear it’s due to the internal reed sensor being hyper sensitive, and/or crappy magnets.

I had 1 sensor on a garage window that was being especially problematic, and I tried re-positioning the magnet to no avail. What ended up doing the trick for me with these sensors was adding a stronger magnet. Once I did that, that sensor never gave me a false alarm. The stronger magnet actually came from a new Iris open/close sensor that met a terrible end (hint, don’t leave a sensor around where a dog thinks it’s a toy…). The magnets on those Ecolink are weak.

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Another option would be to pull the battery and let it sit for about 15 minutes. This should require it to reset itself and on the hub. May even want to power down the hub for the same amount of time. All of the other suggestions seem feasible as well. Happy hunting!

I’ve pulled the batteries before…not for that long …ill try thanks

I also have a repeater within 15 feet of all the sensors…does anyone know how long the batteries need to b out to guarantee they will reset there path

Zwave repair will remap the mesh. I usually do it once a month. It takes time and the feedback from the IDE and the App kinda sucks.

Still not sure its a range issue. When sensors are out of range they just stop updating, and will have the last state. Something is telling them to send an “Open” command.

Today I’m going to readjust all of the mangnets and remove the batteries from all of them for half a day…they are stopping sending commands after they register open because I can’t get them register closed again without pulling the batteries and resetting them even if I put another magnet next to them…I have a Aeon smart energy switch within 15 feet in line of sight with all on the Windows which I recently added but I don’t think the mesh is using it…no problems at all with the aeon switch…thanks again …ill post my results later tonight

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Don’t forget a Zwave repair.

Thanks I won’t

Well after wasting my whole day adjusting the magnets and making sure the Windows weren’t loose and pulling the batteries out of all the sensors…batteries out for three hours …replacing the batteries …checking the opening and closing of all the sensors…performing 2 z wave repairs and a hard hub reboot…it only took four hours for my first false alarm…I’m curious, how many devices an extender can handle …I have 8 sensores in the room that’s giving me problems …is it possible to overload the extender…I have no problem with the extender…aeon switch…works perfectly …can’t see why the window sensors are…no more than 15 feet away…thanks. any help would be appreciated

Can you remove one physically from a window and put it on a non metal object? If that works its a start to identifying the problem.

I have Vinal Windows …2/4 construction… There are 5 Windows in a row though…I’ve tried using a different sensor with no luck also

I wish there was a way to see exactly where the mesh network is bouncing them

Will a device try to attach itself to the closest extender or the extender with the easiest route…because I also have extenders in the bedroom above …the ones above are closer but the cieling/floor it passes thru is dry wall 2 sheets of plywood and lama the hardwood flooring…there’s no obstructions to the extenders in the room just as I said 15’ away…would b nice if smartthings could make this possible,to physically see where the mesh network were going so I could avoid all this agrivating bs…but that’s not something we all haven’t heard before…thanks again …all advice greatly appreciated

Another thought…if a device is already out of range enough to not respond…for what ever reason / distance,interference…how does it recieve a signal to z wave repair …are my devices even receiving any command…thanks again

Just curious, but have you submitted a support ticket. I just skimmed your previous notes and didn’t see mention of one. I’d have them take a look just in case. Also, have you removed one of your devices and put it right next to your hub to see if it still gives the alarm? May even want to shut down the extenders while you do this to rule them out as a communication point, then add them back in one at a time to see if for some reason those are the cause.

Probably not. I have found the ecoLink contacts a pain to use. The lack of messages (like battery and refresh) makes it hard to troubleshoot if they are working or not.

Are they being dropped or giving you false positives? Those are 2 different scenarios. If they are dropped you will not get any open/close messages. The False alarms implies that a message is being sent from the sensor and the hub is receiving it. You can check the logs and see.

I hooked up leads to my ecolinks to allow for better placement on the window. Still the magnet gap is pretty narrow.
( You can find cheaper ones.

Thinking about replacing my ecoLinks with Iris so I get better status reporting.