AMAZON DEALS ** Post all deals here

AMAZON DEALS ** Post all deals here

Lately Amazon hasn’t had so many great deals. But if you have Prime you do save on shipping. In the last month there has been at least six times I purchased items that Amazon had for a good price, but since I don’t have Prime I would have to pay shipping. The total n ow became way more expensive. So I bought the same item on EBay for less money and it included shipping. I know many people would say that buying from an unknown vendor on EBay is not great, but I only buy from stores like ZWave products, New Egg, Beach Camera etc. Yesterday I bought the Dragon Tech Z-Wave Plus outlet on EBay for less money than Amazon.


If you make a thread like this, it will turn into a 1500 post thread that makes it impossible to find new deals. Please remove this and stick to the “new deal = new thread”.


agreed 100%

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The Lowes and Home Depot threads seem to be working fine.

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i think the way it is now works fine, the lowes thread is mainly people asking about coupons and HD has been dead for a while. I like the new way we are doing it. Individual email for each product. Easier to follow and not get annoyed by too much cross talk.

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Couldn’t agree more. It’s not like there are tons of Amazon deals every day cluttering up the main Deals forum. I could understand if there were like 10 amazon deals a day, so it was overwhelming.

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Kinda. It’s a bitch to track items in those threads. The Lowe’s thread is mostly for discussing the script, and individual item threads for Lowe’s products still pop up separately and are useful on their own.

For Amazon deals, I just use the site that I learned about here on this site. Granted, using that does not alert me to things I’m not looking for/or don’t know about, but it allows me to set the price I want it at as well as see what the price has been historically.

There is no need to wade through 1000+ posts to see what is actually a deal and much less likely I’ll missing something when it becomes cheap.

I guess it wasn’t a good Idea. Just like every other Deals thread it turn into a discussion thread.

Look at the first posts in each of those threads, and here’s what’s different: they were started by someone who actually had something to say, and they grew into mega-threads because of organic traffic. You’re doing the opposite: you can’t just start threads that there was no organic need for, contribute no content of any value, and expect other people to bring content to fill them out.


Like I said it I guess it wasn’t a good idea.
I can promise you that I wont post anything that isn’t of of value to you and the other members

Lowes and Home Depot had two unique characteristics which led to the organic growth of those specific threads:

  1. one user retailer coupon codes. Amazon rarely has these. (As @mrowlinson pointed out below, Amazon has lots of coupon codes-- but they are usually the same code for everyone and typically widely publicized, including on the product page. Much of the traffic in the Lowe’s thread has to do with single use coupons. My apologies for not being clearer the first time.)

  2. Store – specific pricing for a national chain which allows you to order from a location not near you. This is rare. It means that if there is a great deal in, say, Omaha, Nebraska, somebody in Mississippi can try ordering from that store to see if they can get that price on an item shipped to them. The store may sell out before the person in Mississippi gets the order in, but they could always try, and it’s a price that they would have no way of knowing about from their own local store.

Amazon does change prices frequently, but it doesn’t have location – specific pricing, so anybody who goes on the website is going to see the same price.

There are some other brick-and-mortar chains which have store – specific pricing, but they don’t let you order for shipment. If you order from the website you will only get the price for the store nearest you, or you will get a single online price, depending on their policies. Sears and Wal-mart both work this way. The prices do vary from store to store, but if you order online, it’s the same price for everyone.

Anyway, it’s really the store-specific pricing but anybody can order from that store that makes Home Depot and Lowe’s so unusual. And I’m sure they both have those policies because their main competition is each other. :wink:

I always fid it amusing when can order from Wal-Mart com for in store pu and the online price is 20% or more lower than the in store shelf price. Both in store and online prices can be seen on the website… Occasionally it works the other way where local in store is lower than the online.

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Not true. There are coupon deals on Amazon all the time, from retailers and from Amazon. I guess you don’t visit Slick Deals much.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. Lowes in particular has one time use coupon codes and discussion of those generates much of the message traffic in the lowes thread. Amazon certainly has coupon codes, but they’re usually the same code for everyone and widely publicized. Thanks for the clarification-- I’ve edited my post above.

Amazon lowers free shipping cost from $49 to $35.

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