EchoSistant - How to use the powerful Alexa Assistant

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I can see how this one fits on the EchoSistant thread :smile: , but you forgot the $$ …

Just for report: I am able to get temperature from SmarThings Motion Sensor. Testing as below:

SmartThings Motion Sensor (Device name: living room)

what’s temperature in living room
"The temperature in the living room is 26 degrees and was recorded today at 04:04 PM"

SmartThings Multi Sensor (Device name: main room)

what’s temperature in main door
"Device named main door doesn’t have a temperature sensor"

Xiaomi humidity and temperature Sensor (Device name: kitchen)

what’s temperature in kitchen
"Device named kitchen doesn’t have a temperature sensor"

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That is interesting. I would like to see some logs to better understand why EchoSistant cannot read the second multi sensor. Does " living room" and “main door” use the same device handler (DTH)?

Should be different DHT! (Using build-in DHT, that mean I don’t need to create device handler for them.)
Which log that can I provide for you?

Display name: Type
Main Door SmartSense Multi Sensor
Living Room SmartSense Motion Sensor

Is there any way for EchoSistant to perform multiple actions in one phrase? I.e. “Turn off kitchen light and turn on foyer light”

This is possible and it is in our plans.

Thanks. This is currently the most frustrating aspect of using Alexa for me. I realize scenes can be created but there are always combinations that are unusual.

Is there any way to temporarily disable speaker voice reports (“Front Door Opened” etc)? When I leave for work in the morning my kids and wife are usually sleeping and I’d rather not bother them with the notifications when I open the garage entry door and garage door. Ideally this would be something that disabled the reports for 2-3 minutes.
I was thinking if this could be done with a ST-compatible button that when pressed paused the speaker reports for a specified amount of time.

you could use the time restrictions.

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Hmm, the times that I would need this are quite variable, i.e. going into the garage after the kids are sleeping. The issue is we would like the notifications to be active at every other time for security reasons and to keep tabs on where the kids are going.

Ok I understand that… We are currently deep in the process of creating the next version of the app, which is why there haven’t been any updates lately… But, let me see what can be done.

This is what I would do…

  • Create a virtual switch in the ide. Mane it whatever you want.
  • in the profiles you wish to stop, go to the restrictions section at the bottom, tap on “only when these switches”. Select your virtual switch. Choose the state “off”.

Now that profile will only work when that switch is off.

Now, use either smart lighting or CoRE. Create a rule that had that same switch. In smart lighting you would choose that same switch and configure it like the picture below.

And finally, go into the Amazon Alexa smart in your smartthings mobile app. Check the box next to your virtual switch. Tap done. Tell Alexa to discover your devices.

Now test it.

Say, Alexa, turn on “the silencer”.
Go open the garage door.
Listen for silence.
If you hear the notification, let me know. After ten minutes, open the door again and you should hear the notification.

Let me know if that works for you.

This is something I will put on the table to be added to the RemindR smartapp. If you haven’t seen that, it is part of the EchoSistant family of smartapps.

This is an option for RemindeR that would go well… The ability to create a virtual switch and an on/off variable timer for the restrictions.

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[quote=“bamarayne, post:33, topic:78336”]
The ability to create a virtual switch and an on/off variable timer for the restrictions.

remindR has restrictions for device status already…

If you use non Alexa devices to deliver your reports, I suggest installing remindR now and migrate your notifications to that app. If you use Alexa to to retrive your reports, I suggest installing remindR after EchoSistant v5 is released…

Right, but he wants to be able to set the restriction at will and have it stop after a set amount of time.

I’m thinking of a restricting timer…

A uDTH can do that…

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Thanks! This worked great.


How come EchoSistant can’t read Iris contact sensor’s temperature when asked what is the temperature in XXXX?
Device XxX doesn’t have a temperature sensor.
However, EchoSistant reads out the sensor’s temperature when telling me the device’s capabilities.

Did you select the sensors for temperature?