Echo Speaks Garage Door Open for a Period of Time Issue

I’m trying to use an Echo Speaks action to alert when a garage door has been open for a period of time. Echo speaks is working fine with a separate simple notification that the door has been opened, but I can’t get it to work to notify if the door has been open for a period of time. I’m sure there is some logging but I’m not sure how to review to troubleshoot.

Does the “Test this action” function work?

Yes, it speaks the action just fine. It just doesn’t fire after, in this case, 2 minutes.

I’ve recreated it (using a door contact sensor since I don’t have a garage door opener) and it seems to work fine for me. It will speak after 2 minutes and then again in 2 minutes if I haven’t corrected the door being open. I even went as far as to create a custom response to match your setup and it’s working.

If you go into your Things list and check the garage door opener, does it show it changed states after it was open?
You can view this in the app by opening your garage door opener and going to the Recently tab.

That is strange. Yes, it definitely changes status. I use a Sharptools dashboard on my phone and I can see it there. I’ve also gone into the ST app to confirm.

The Door Contact Sensor is what I used as well. The Garage Door Opener didn’t work for my simpler “Door Open” notification. I guess I’ll go try it for this one that’s not working just in case.

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If your app is showing Door under Trigger, that’s selected as a garage door opener and not a contact sensor.
The contact sensors show up as Contact.

I’ve tried this now as both a Garage Door and a Contact and neither works trapping a door opened for a period of time. Interestingly, I changed the contact in the Contact action to another sensor, one on a door that just reports open and closed, and it works as it should. With the garage door, I’m also able to get it to word to simply advise if the door has opened or shut.

I’m beginning to believe that it is something unique to the GoControl Garage Door controller. I’m going to try it in webCore to see if I get different results.

Please do share the results. It seems weird that a device wouldn’t work when it has the required capabilities. It may be something in the DTH for that specific device type that needs tweaked.

Interestingly, it works fine in webCore.

I have two doors and tried writing one piston for both with variables, but the While loop running for one door would hose the execution of anything with the other door.

Could it possible that it’s timing out? If you have access to RBoy Apps, you can also check out this app for simple notifications and repeat alerts.

I can confirm the same issue with my Gocontrol Garage Door Opener. I tried every possible option in creating an Echo Speaks Action to “Speak” that a garage door was opening. No matter what the trigger, the “do” was never tripped. I created the action as a webCoRe Piston (“Garage Door’s door is opening”) and it works perfectly every time. I think I’ll continue to build all of my Echo Speaks related actions using webCoRe.