ECHO open/close sensor detection

So the ECHO now works with the Garageio Smart Garage Controller and can verbally tell you if the garage is open or closed. Any way or idea of when Smartthings will gain this integration?

To clarify, so the thread doesn’t get too far off the intended topic, with Garageio the Echo can tell you if the door is opened or closed already. I’m looking for open/close sensor integration with the Echo so you can ask it if doors/windows are open/closed and it will tell you.

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I got my echo today. It integrated easily with my smartthings v2 hub. I was surprised to see the MYQ switch I created and added using the directions and code provided by essidle (Adam H) available in the echo smart app. I selected it and had “Alexa” find it. I played with the voice commands until it worked. My garage door wI’ll open with “Alexa, open garage door”. Closing it using echo is hit and miss. I use “Alexa, close garage door.” Sometimes it tells me it cannot find a garage door, so times it launches amazon prime and plays a song it think I requsted, sometimes it closes the garage door but tells me the garage door cannot use the close command, and once in a while it will close the garage door and say OK. It may not officially be supported by Smartthibgs, but it will work.

It was pointed out in another thread that the “open” command we will to open and close the door with Alexa. That works for me and others… Seems unusual but funtional. Full intergration with alexia detailed above is the optimal solution.