Echo Speaks Action ignoring conditions

I’m trying to create an Echo Speaks action to notify me (via announcement) if either of my garage doors is left open at night. I have a contact sensor on each door, and they are the only two contact sensors in my environment. I have action type = announcement, trigger = daily recurring scheduled time, condition = contact is open (all sensors must be open is un-checked). No matter what I put in the Condition/Restriction part, and no matter the state of the contact sensors, at the trigger time Alexa plays my custom announcement. I tried using a different condition, such as day=Saturday, and Alexa still played the announcement, even though it’s Thursday. I feel like this is a pretty straight-forward action and I must just be missing something in the setup, but I’m not sure what it could be?

Here’s a shot of my contact sensor condition, it would only let me upload one image in my last post

I discussed this in one of the other Echo Speaks threads. I was also unsuccessfully trying to get a notification that a garage door was left open. Another member and I both tested and we came to the conclusion that for some reason, this was NOT working with my GoControl garage door controllers but we couldn’t figure out why.

We were both able to get it working on other doors, such as a slider with a magnetic contact, however. So we came to the conclusion that there was something different regarding the GoControl, but never came to a conclusion. @tonesto7 didn’t comment, so I just let it go and got notifications working via webCore.

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