Speaker Notify if door is left ajar for 3 minutes?

I want a TTS voice announcement if my door is left ajar for over 3 minutes (kind of like how some of the refrigerators do). I see there’s an app called “Something Left Open” but it doesn’t have an option to notify via speaker.

Is there a way to use the “Something Left Open” app to trigger a simulated contact sensor so I can use the Speaker Notify app to announce if my door is left ajar?

Use can use CoRE for this. I have a ton of the actions using this smartapp.


Look no further than a custom instance of SHM. It has notify with sound.


Can’t believe I overlooked that!

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Hi guys, the custom rule in SHM monitor is no longer available, as this feature was only in the old ST mobile app, which is now discontinued.

So I was wondering if there is another way to get a speaker notification when some contact sensor is open for a certain number of minutes.

The automations/ smartapps that I have looked at can either notify with sound when the contact sensor changes status - which is not what I want - or can notify via push notification when it was left open for X minutes, but not with speaker.

For me it is important to have speaker notification so that people in the house can take action and close that particular door which I want to monitor.

Thank you

Depending on the type of speakers, you could use webcore except with Sonos speakers. You can also checkout sharptools.

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I use a google mini (cast-web api integration).

I am not using neither webcore not sharp tools, are these the only options?

I cannot understand how it is possible that such a simple feature, which already existed, is no longer available :slight_smile:

I added another thread above you can read through, more options in further details :slight_smile:

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It’s pretty straightforward on SharpTools.io Rule Engine if you decide to try that approach.


Oops… too early in the morning. I posted the wrong thread above…

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