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I`m sure this has been covered many times, but looking through posts there are conflicting stories about success of pairing,

My situation is that I have many devices on my Smartthings hub that should work with the Echo. I have set up my Echo successfully, when i go to connected home and select Smartthings it asks me to sign in to my Smartthings account, I do this and choose HOME hub, this brings a drop down list of devices on my Smartthings hub, i tick them and authorise, the screen says, you can now close this window and return to Echo to discover the devices, when I do however, the devices never get discovered, even my Smartthings app shows the Echo connect spartapp with those same devices authorised,

Please someone make some sense of this, thanks


@shaun_inuk …the problem is not with how you are doing things as that is 100% correct. The problem we are currently seeing is something (we believe) on the SmartThings side. Up until last week it all worked well but then suddenly stopped working!

A few of us have a support ticket in with SmartThings UK support and are awaiting a final response/resolution.

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Thanks for that. It would explain the conflicting reports of it working. I have a ticket in with Smartthings too. Though I suspect it may be something server side by Amazon, if as is reported the sync broke on the day they launched the 2 new products. Hopefully it will return. IFTTT isn’t a good solution to me