Amazon echo and UK smartthings integration

I have an amazon echo and a UK Smartthings hub 2. What i am trying to do is ask Alexa to play my sonos speaker just like the Smartthings app can do. The issueis that the Amazon echo cannot connect to the uk Smartthings hub 2. Would it be possible to purchase an Smartthings hub from USA, use it here in the UK then connect the two products together as they should be compatible with each other ???
I just want to trigger my sonos using the Echo like a trigger as if i was using the Smartthings app.

What you propose will work, but you need to read some of the other threads about using different ZWave devices outsde of their registered RF domain.
basically - your UK Zwave devices wont work with a US hub.

Hello Andy.
Thanks for your comments, really appreciate you taking time to help. Would I be able to use both UK and USA hubs at the same time? I would use the USA hub for hue lighting, Wemo and Sonos, then use the UK hub for all the zigbee devices if that is the case.
Do you think that would work? that would allow the Amazon Echo to communicate directly with the Smartthings hub without having to use IFTTT.

I have an original Kickstarter UK V1 Hub and a UK V2 Hub which Ive operated at the same time, so there shouldnt be a problem having two V2 hubs going. Although Ive seen some comments ‘frowning’ on it…

(For the time being Ive reverted everything back to the V1 hub which is connected to the US servers, as there is just much more device support, even though they are UK freqs.)

I was thinking of getting a V1 USA hub and using alongside the V2 UK hub.
Am i able to change my hub to connect to the US servers, so that i can connect my Echo ?

Nope - not the UK one. But the US one should already be connected to US servers.

Thank you for all your help. Very much appreciated. I hope I get this sorted.