Echo Dot - Pulsing green light won't stop flashing


We have two Echo Dots in our home, I just set them up to use the “intercom” feature and it works good both ways, I can say “Alexa, drop in on the kitchen” and no problem, it works as a 2 way intercom.

The problem is that even after I say Alexa, hang up, the intercom disconnects but the green light keeping pulsing, I try saying again just to be sure “Alexa, hang up” and Alexa says there is no active call, but the green light still keeping pulsing.

Is this a known issue, is there some way to stop it, will it hurt anything to just let it keep flashing ?

I tried unplugging and powering back up both Echo Dots, but still the green light keeps pulsing.

Other than the continuous pulsing of the green light, the Echo Dots are working just fine.

Thanks in advance for any help !

This really isn’t a SmartThings-related issue. Perhaps you’d be better served calling Amazon support?


Try asking her to play messages. Flashing green/yellowish can be a message in the que.

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Thanks to all who replied, it is appreciated !!!

yes soon after I posted I found out that it was an automated message about the “drop in” intercom function being available, as soon as I asked Alexa if I had any messages and it played that message then the pulsing green light stopped.


Also caused when Alexa is guarding your house. Go into the Alexa app and set guard to “HOME”.