Amazon Echo devices intercom now working "Drop In"

( Cosmo) #1

Update your Alexa app, the. Enable drop in
Drop in is now a built in intercom between Alexa enabled devices.

Then say “Alexa, drop in on kitchen, bedroom, etc__”
(make sure to have named all of your devices).
To disconnect: "Alexa, cancel"
Works nicely.

Can alexa send messages to another room?
Alexa intercom now working
(Stephan H.) #2

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(JIm) #3

Can’t seem tp get mine to work. Drop in is enabled on all my echos. I say drop in on living room from my kitchen, but nothing is heard on the living room unit. Any thoughts?

(Bruno Murray) #4

Looks like it’s US only so far…

(Tyler Durden) #5

It worked for me (in the US). Be sure to update your Alexa app and launch it so it will prompt you to enable drop in for devices.

(Bryce Miner) #6

I had to go to contacts and find me and then enable drop in