Finally! (June 2019) Eaton Cooper new RF9640, Zwave plus, S2 certified, universal dimmer switch

Been wondering if they were ever going to update their line to Zwave plus. The new universal dimmer is finally here, including S2 certification. Not sure how difficult it will be to find the usual aspire colors, but the Satin White is now being sold at Amazon.

(Eaton is the company, Cooper is the division, aspire is the model line. Devices may be listed under any of these names, but all with the same model number. The Z wave devices will include “RF“ (for radio frequency) in the model number. There are also dumb devices with the same model number but no RF, so check product descriptions carefully.)

Looks like it still has the “panic“ feature, which let you blink all of the switches at the same time, but they may have dropped the child lock command.

They also have a feature I really like, which is that the tiny indicator light which shows the dim level is blue when the light is on but can be set to a soft gold amber when the light is off. That’s just a nice touch.

These are expensive devices but in the past they have been very high-quality engineering (two year warranties instead of the typical one), and a nice range of features.


It should work out of the box as a generic Z wave dimmer, but might need custom code to access additional features. You can use the zwave tweaker utility to set parameters.

If anybody gets one, let us know what you think. :sunglasses:


Found the spec sheet, they do still have the childlock feature. And it’s available in the usual two Aspire styles, the one with the curve and the straight rectangle.

Also available in their standard aspire colors, including the silver granite trim which has always been one of my favorites. :sunglasses:

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