Easy lighting question


I have what I assume is a easy lighting question. I am not sure if I can do this all through Smartthings or if I need to setup a Core account.

Basically I want a goodbye command that turns off all the lights when I leave, except for when I leave in the evenings I want it to turn off all the lights, except for the front room light I want to stay on for the dogs.

I have a auto lighting setup that if I am not home to turn on the front room light at sunset automatically, and I have the goodbye command set to turn off everything, I just keep forgetting when I leave the house at night that it’s turning everything off and the “at sunset” setup has already ran so it doesn’t turn the light back on.

Any suggestions? I am sure I can play and figure this out, but figured you guys are the pros and might save me the headache.


I might suggest using webCoRe to accomplish this. You could simply add a Piston with your Routines existing the way they are to execute if front room light turns off and the time is between sunset and sunrise, and the Mode is Away, it simply turns that light on. This would counter the offset that you are running into when running Goodbye Routine between Sunset and Sunrise. Or you could rewrite the entire thing and get rid of Goodbye Routine and the Smart Lighting rule altogether and write a single/multiple Pistons to accomplish everything in webCoRe.

Thanks, I appreciate the help. I just got Core installed into my system, so I will start playing with it and see if I can get it going

@WB70 has suggested webCoRE not CoRE and I have to agree.
It gives you a lot more functionality.
Once you get into it I think you will like what you are able to do with it.

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I have the WebCore setup,now got to figure out how it use it :wink:

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There is a dedicated forum for webCoRE with example pistons, tutorials and the like.

And just to give you a visual of how you would perform this in webCoRe. Not seeing how you have your Goodbye Routine setup and what values you are setting across the board (ie: Mode) or what exactly your Smart Lighting rule is doing, this is just an example. But something like this will compliment the existing setup you already have.

Use Case 1:

  • Sun goes down - Your Smart Lighting rule runs at Sunset and turns the Front Room Light On

  • You decide to go out for a night of gambling at 10pm and when you leave the house, the Goodbye Routine automatically runs, and turns off all lights including the Front Room Light.

This webCoRe Piston will simply run based on the Front Room Light being turned off between Sunset and Sunrise and if the Location Mode is Away.

This is just a simple counter method to what you already have in place, but my recommendation is to learn a little more about webCoRe and write yourself an Advanced Piston or two that eliminates the need for having the Goodbye Routine and the Smart Lighting Rule in place.

Awesome, thanks for that, I just put it in and tweaked it, I will test it out tonight!

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