How do I schedule two sets of lights independently?

Hi All,

I’ve been using SmartThings for a couple of years but never spend enough time in the app to memorize things. I’m trying to accomplish something simple but just can’t figure it out:

  1. At sunset turn on light 1 and dim it to 20%
  2. At sunset turn on lights 2, 3 and 4 and dim them to 30%
  3. At 1:00 AM, turn off lights 1, 2, and 3
  4. At 11:00 PM turn of light 4

As things stand now, a routine turns all lights on at sunset and dims them. I use the app to turn them off when I go to bed. I’ve been fumbling around in the app but can’t figure things out. Can anyone help this simpleton accomplish steps 1 - 4?

As a note, I currently successfully trigger the “Goodnight” routine when the sun sets.


Smart Lighting app should do everything you want.

In addition to the Smart Lighting app that Jason mentioned, there is also CoRE.

Since you specifically mentioned you needed help in the app.

  • Go to the marketplace tab in the bottom of the display
  • Select the SmartApps tab at the top
  • In the “SmartThings Recommends” section, the first option is “Smart Lights”

That will do everything on your list. Go though and set up #1 above. You will then have the Smart Lighting app installed and it will have your first “automation” running.

To add more, just go to the “Automations” tab at the bottom of the display and then SmartApps - you will see SmartLighting in the list. Select it and then “Add new automation” and keep doing that as many times as you need - I think one automation per your numbers above will do.

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Yep, both answers you’ve received are good, i’m just adding a couple of links. :sunglasses:

You can use the official smart lighting feature, as @jason_brown and @stevesell mentioned, and set up four different automations (one to match each of the four rules in your post) and everything should work fine. The advantage of this approach is that smartlighting is the only smartapp at present that can run locally. And because you’re running an official feature, if you have any problems, smartthings support can help.

Alternatively, as @jkp suggested, you could do this with core. In fact you could probably do it just by setting up one rule in core. The difference is that since this is custom code, it won’t run locally, SmartThings support won’t help you with it, and the set up is way more complex. But it’s also a much more powerful rules engine than the official features, so it’s very popular. And because you don’t have to do each piece separately, long-term maintenance can be simplified.

So you wouldn’t need it for this particular example, but you might want to start using it anyway. There are many people in the community who could help you with it.

Thanks for everyone’s help. Smart Lighting did the trick. It’s a little cumbersome so I’ll explore some of the other suggestions when I have time. Once again, you guys were quick with great answers.

And it’s interesting that someone decided to edit the title of my original post. Didn’t know that happened. I’ll try to be more succinct when choosing a title the next time I post.

Happy New Year!

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I edited it mostly just because information in the forums gets used for literally years, and it can become really difficult to find things if the title is just something general like “I need help…” The more specific the thread titles, the easier the forum is for everyone to use. :sunglasses:

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