Best way to control front light?

Hopefully this is the place to ask.
I’d like to set up my front light to turn on at sunset, off at 10 pm and then turn on with the motion sensor and off again x minutes after no motion is detected (could be after the four minutes the sensor takes to reset) between 10 pm and sunrise.
First, is there an app already? If not, I think I can do this in Smartthings routines using multiple routines (On, Off and motion) and certainly in Stringify also using multiple flows but that just seems messy. Is there a way of doing this more elegantly?

Smart Lighting can do all of this. You can install it from the marketplace and 3 automations will be needed. One for on, another for off and a third for Motion.


Thanks Micheal. Three automations it is then. I was hoping to do it in a single app or flow, don’t know why as long as it gets done but having multiple automations just feels messy. Just my OCD showing I guess.

As @ritchierich mentioned, if you want to use the official features, you’ll set up a different SmartLighting automation for the different time periods. This would have the advantage of also running locally if you are using devices which are eligible to run locally. Although at present the Sunset rule will still have to run in the cloud, so there’s not really going to be much difference.

If you have a technical background at all and you do want to consolidate all your conditions, core is a popular option. (This is a clickable link)

If you are able to wrap your head around CoRE, I quickly threw this together for you to try.

Before you begin, turn on Advanced Mode by going into Settings->ExpertFeatures->Expert Mode