NeeD help automating lighting scenario

Hey everyone. I have two lights in the garage that I installed tonight. I have it set so they come on automatically if there have door is opened or if the house door going to the garage is opened. What I would like to make happen is after a set amount of time the lights shut off automatically but im not finding a way to make that happen with the routines.

I do have core installed but it’s a REALLY old version of it. Any help would be appreciated.

Since you’ve used Core, webCore shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you.

Install webCore then design a piston using an IF conditioned upon the door opening. Add a Wait for how long you want the light on for and finish with a command to turn the light off.

Core still works well, latest version is 09/08/2018 >>> v0.3.16f.20180908, you should be fine with 12/19/2017 >>> v0.3.16e.20171219 too, but I wouldn’t use anything older.

If you want to always have them turn off after set period of time, just use the power allowance option in the official smartlights feature.

However, with lights, most people want to have the option to have them stay on sometimes. In that case, you can use a virtual timer. So any automation which refers to the virtual timer will turn off after the set period of time, but you can also turn them on in other ways and have them stay on longer.

But first explore the options in the official smart lights feature, they’ve added a lot to it recently and it may be able to do everything you want. :sunglasses:

I just tried adding a piston and it was blank.

JD I’ve tried doing it the way you suggested with smart lighting but when I get to the set name field I don’t have a safe or ok option. Just remove or go back?

Not sure what to tell you, it looks like it’s already saved and you were just editing it. Just try the back arrow at the top and see what happens.

Yeah that just takes you back to the main screen of the app. There I have an old one listed and the option to create the new one.

And this is what I get if I try to add a core piston.

Not sure why but after going in and creating it about 20 times the save option finally showed up. Cheers guys.

The stock smart lighting app should do it.