Linking the Google/ Alexa to smart things

I try to find a way to link Google/ Alexa voice triggers to control smart thing devices through API. I found that SmartThings Schema is the quickest method of integrating the Cloud Connected Device with SmartThings. But it does not work with Google/ Alexa. Do we have another method to do these things?

The third-party cloud must support the OAuth 2.0 authorization flow to use the ST Schema integration. Why do you say it wasn’t possible, did something fail?

Do they provide an API that you can use to develop your own integrations?

I try to find a way to connect my google/ Alexa assistance to my smart thing through API. I’m not sure Google/ Alexa communicates with ST throw schema apps/ Smart Apps. That is the reason why I asked this question.

So, are you trying to create a separate integration instead of using the built-in one?

If you add the voice assistant through the app, you should be able to send voice commands from Google/Alexa to your devices in ST.
If you build a separate integration, I think it would be harder to create that interaction, because you would need to build things on the Alexa side and on the ST side to “translate” all the actions.