E-Wand Zigbee blind controller driver HELP

I recently purchased the Gen. 2 Hybrid (FM and Zigbee) E-Wand slatted blinds motor from https://www.amazon.com/Gen-Hybrid-Zigbee-Single-Wand/dp/B095TVRP3K/

Both the stock Smartthings Zigbee Window Treatment and @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's Zigbee Window Treatment Mc drivers technically work to open and close the blinds, however, it does not appear to be accurately reporting the values. Such as, I can’t open the device in the Smartthings app and see the open position percentage; the sliding circle does not report the current value that the blind motor is resting at.

Additionally, I can’t run a routine that includes β€œIf Window Shade: Closed, Then turn on lights.” Even though it always reports as closed, a routine including that parameter will not run.

I think a driver could be easily modified to allow this device to fully work/report to the hub correctly. I have included a screenshot of Mariano’s Thing Driver to reveal the fingerprints if that makes this more helpful.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance!

Hi @Docga
This device seems like it could work like the FeiBit, with cluster 0008, level.

I added it to that subdriver to see if it works.

You may need to uninstall it and reinstall it with this version of the driver so that cluster 0008 is configured correctly

 Name         Zigbee Window Treatment Mc
 Version      2024-01-24T22:29:26.477353777        
- id: "Products Corp/E-Wand"
    deviceLabel: E-Wand Window Treatment
    manufacturer: Current Products Corp
    model: E-Wand
    deviceProfileName: window-treatment-battery

Thanks for the reply @Mariano_Colmenarejo

I uninstalled the driver, reinstalled it, and then switched to this driver on my device, however, I am running into the same problem. Once I select an open percentage, my device will technically open to that position, but then it disappears from the app and Smartthings no longer β€œremembers” where it was at. The app also doesn’t update to show that its open.

Are do this?

I went to your channel and I uninstalled the driver and re-installed it. Now I am using the driver with today’s date (01/24/2024). I have not changed anything else. Maybe I misunderstood?

I mean that you must uninstall the device and pair it again with the new driver so that cluster 0008 of the device is configured

Do Not perforn driver change

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My mistake. I did not remove the device. I will try that once I get home.

Ok, install driver version 2024-01-24T22:29:26.477353777 too

I have deleted the device and re-installed it. It auto installed with your correct, updated driver. But I have the same problem as before for some reason.

Without seeing the driver logs with the CLI I can’t do more.

If you want to send me the pairing logs of the device and when you open and close it? I can try to analyze what happens, if not I can’t do more.

This is a tutorial to view the logs

This is a reflection for smartthings users, when you choose new devices to buy you should also think about which application you want to use them with, if you think about smartthings, then look for compatible devices in smartthings or in the community before buying, not afterward.

Modifying drivers to make something work is not always easy and can require hours of work.


I have this device also and I’ve had it for quite some time… It’s never really worked right and there’s ZERO support for it. :slightly_frowning_face: I would love to see it work decent, I’m going to go through your posts Mariano and try to follow the setup and see if it works any better than a β€œgeneric Zigbee Dimmer”

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