Zigbee roller shutter driver

Hi everyone!
first of all: sorry for my bad english.
I have a problem with edge drivers!
I have shutters with blades, therefore the shutter can be closed and opened, and consequently the blades, when the shutter is closed, can be opened (to let in the light) or closed (so that the light does not enter.
I’m not interested in controlling the blades, I simply want to control the complete opening and complete closing (without letting in light) of the shutter, after all I’m not interested.
I mount the vimar roller shutter (Connected roller shutter actuator white - 16494.B, Radiofrequency, Idea - Product catalogue - Vimar), which worked perfectly with groovy (ZigBee Window Shade as DH), with the switching to edge started giving me problems though:
Using the official smartthings driver (zigbee window treatment) everything works excellently, but on the app, when the shutter is closed it appears “open” and vice versa. So I found Mariano’s drivers (zigbee window treatment mc-test and I also tried gravywind zigbee reverse window shade) and I tried both. operation via the app works very well, but when I ask to close or open the shutters, after a couple of minutes, when they have gone down or up completely, it sets them to 1% less, thus opening the shutter blades when they should be closed. does anyone have a solution?
Thank you