Can Someone Help with a Driver for Yoolax Smart Blinds? The Original Works Perfect Except it Displays Wrong Status

I am currently using the stock driver (see screenshot for defualt driver below) and it works perfect except one thing that drives me crazy. When the blinds are open, smartthings reports it as closed and when the blinds are closed, smartthings reports it as open.

All the buttons work perfectly fine; Open button opens the blinds, close button closes the blinds and the battery is accurate as well.

After doing research it appears this happens because I chose my motor to be on the left instead of the default right hand side. It seems like an easy fix for experienced users but I have no idea how to create a driver to flip the status.

If anyone can edit the default driver to just flip the open and close status that would be amazing. I have no problem donating to this cause. Please let me know.

Driver being used:

Blind are currently open right now but smarthings shows closed.

Thank you!

Hi @YouBetterChill

You can install my driver zigbee Treatment Mc from my channel and perform a driver change

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Thank you for commenting. I tried your shared driver zigbee window treatment mc and it’s the same issue.

The open, pause and close commands work perfect. I can open close and pause the blind whenever I want.

However the status of the blind is wrong. When it’s open, smartthings still shows it’s closed and vice versa.

Please see below. From what I read it has something to do with my motor being on the left side instead of the right side.

It seems I just have to flip the status code but I have no idea how to do that.

Your latest shared driver

Smarthings show it’s closed

The physical blind is open

Tomorrow I’ll look at it and try to modify it, now it’s too late and I’m going to sleep

Modified driver for yolax devices.

  • Added preference to reverse the operation of the blind.
  • For the new profile to be assigned you have to change to the stock driver
  • update the Zigbee Window Treatment Mc driver to this version
  • Make a change to this driver version.
  • In settings preferences set the value of the reverse preference to true.

The operation of the device may be completely reversed and opening becomes closing and vice versa.
If it doesn’t work well, tell me and I’ll fix it.

 Name         Zigbee Window Treatment Mc
 Version      2024-04-27T10:26:05.368325032        

Mariano deserves a β€œquiet contributor” award for someone who quietly, helpfully, makes their community better, over and over. The internet equivalent of a good neighbor who shows up to help whenever they notice someone else struggling.

Since we don’t have an official one, here’s my own unofficial recognition and gratitude for all he does. :heart_eyes::tada:


100% agree with @JDRoberts


Good communities are made between everyone, thank you :+1:


Hey, can’t wait to try this but I can’t seem to update the driver. I switched to stock driver then uninstalled the mc driver and installed it again but it still showing version 2024-04-04.

I even uninstalled and unenrolled form your shared drivers and nothing. Every time I install it shows old version 2024-04-04.

Anything I should be doing to trigger the update?

Sorry, I publish it in a different channel :man_facepalming:

Published now, try it


Thank you, I just tried update 04-27 and it’s the exact same thing.

The open, pause, close commands work perfect but the status is reporting incorrect still.

When the blinds are open SmartThings still says closed. When the blinds are closed SmartThings still says open.

Are you set reverse preference to true in settings?

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This is what I see when I click on device settings:

I do t see an option for that @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Now I understand it all

I have assumed that your yoolax device has these fingerprints and it must be that they are different and are paired by the generic clusters

{ mfr = "Yookee", model = "D10110" }, -- Yookee Window Treatment
{ mfr = "yooksmart", model = "D10110" }

Look on the web, advanced users, for the manufacturer and model of your device


Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo

This is what I get for my device information. Let me know if you need anything else.

Key Value
Name window-treatment-battery
Mfg Name SmartThingsCommunity
Mfg Code _TZE200_9caxna4s
Model TS0301
ocf Type oic.d.blind
Category Blind
Room Downstairs
Presentation ID fa41d7d3-4c03-327f-b0ce-2edc829f0e34
Parent ID ceec1f82-9cde-434c-a98c-61d9d3e3ce18
Parent Name Home Hub
Driver ID e7070ea0-2ed9-4802-b7e7-5912a75f20fa
Driver Name Zigbee Window Treatment Mc
EUI 38398FFFFE6E3496
Network ID B2A4
Provisioning State PROVISIONED
Local Execution yes

Added to this driver version.

When driver updated automatically in your hub it will work fine, you do not need reinstall device

 Name         Zigbee Window Treatment Mc
 Version      2024-04-28T08:55:24.840791677        
- id: "_TZE200_9caxna4s/TS0301"
    deviceLabel: yoolax Window Treatment
    manufacturer: _TZE200_9caxna4s
    model: TS0301
    deviceProfileName: window-treatment-battery

Thank you so much! @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Everything is working 100%.

Please let me know how I can donate to your beer fund!


I’m glad it works well!

If you want to buy me a beer, I’ll have it to your health :beers:

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Enjoy :beers: @Mariano_Colmenarejo

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