DZPD3 Won't Pair - Tired everything I think

Bought 2 factory fresh DZPD3’s. Here’s what I’ve tried:

  1. Put the DZPD3 where it will ultimately go but i wondered if I am too far from the nearest neighbor to join the Z-Wave mesh. Tried to pair directly in the ST app using "Other->Outlets->Leviton DZPD3 but no dice.
  2. Plugged in directly next to hub, repeated the process, nothing
  3. Plugged in away from the hub but about 25 feet away. Didn’t find it.

Any ideas?

Are you holding the button and getting the lights?

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try a General Device Exclusion, then try to add them

No, I just plugged it into the outlet and the light is green. I’ll read the PDF you sent, thank you!

Will do. Thanks jkp.

Doahhh,rookie mistake. Once I held down the button for 7 seconds - Amber - single press - flashing green, it paired right away. Sorry for being a dumb-dumb everyone. All good.

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